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Mod Podge Crafts for Kids that Are Guaranteed Fun!

Are you looking for Mod Podge crafts for kids that are easy and GUARANTEED FUN? Here are 20 fun and simple kids crafts they’ll love!

Scroll down to the bottom to see a video of 9 bonus craft ideas for kids too.

20 Easy Arts and Crafts for Kids that Are Guaranteed Fun!

If you’re looking for arts and crafts for kids that use Mod Podge . . . you’ve come to the right place! Some of you have come to the end of summer – and some of you aren’t quite there yet. If you aren’t quite there yet, don’t worry, the kids are going back to school soon! Ha.

Easy Crafts for Kids

It just so happens that I picked 20 of the most fun craft ideas for kids ever. They all use decoupage medium, of course – which is perfect for children because Mod Podge is non-toxic and safe for them to use.

Before I jump into the projects, I wanted to share some tips for crafting with children.

Tips for Successful Arts and Crafts for Kids

  1. Prepare the area. Crafting in your formal dining area with white carpet probably isn’t the way to go – a kitchen with linoleum floors is perfect! Get kids set up in a place where the furniture and surrounding area can easily be cleaned. Newspaper makes a great, budget friendly floor or table covering.
  2. Make sure your kids are wearing the right clothes. Murphy’s Law says that if you put your child in their (or your) favorite shirt, it’s going to get ruined. Have kids wear old t-shirts or dress shirts, or even smocks if you want to get really fancy. I know a lot of moms who put their children in oversized t-shirts and underwear only. Then they place them directly into the bath right after crafting time!
  3. Keep cleaning supplies on hand. Don’t forget to have the right cleaning supplies available in case someone makes an “oopsie.” This includes plenty of paper towels and/or rags. A lot of art supplies are easily cleaned up when they are wet – let them dry and you may have a permanent problem on your hands.
  4. Make sure you have the right craft supplies. Look for paints and glues that are washable from children’s skin and clothes. Don’t allow your little ones to use anything toxic – read the ingredients carefully to make sure that the supplies are completely safe, even if ingested. You never know when an errant finger might go into a mouth. Suggestions: tempera paint, Mod Podge, crayons and construction paper are all safe kids’ craft supplies.
  5. Do them when you won’t have time constraints. Do you like to be told to stop having fun after 15 minutes? Neither do kids. While you can’t craft forever, allow children time to be creative and finish their projects. Don’t try to squeeze in crafting between appointments. It just becomes stressful and not fun for everyone.
  6. Let them have fun. Picasso didn’t come out of the womb knowing how to paint, and your kids didn’t either. Let them experiment and try new things. Don’t worry about what they are doing as much as if they are having a good time. These arts and crafts for kids are going to guarantee that!
  7. Be patient – don’t try to control. This may be the first time that your child has ever used an art supply or tool. If they ask, show them how to use it. Otherwise, let them try first. Encourage and don’t take over. Mixing blue glitter and black paint might be wrong in the adult world, but it’s okay for kids.
  8. Be present – no electronics. Your iPhone might be important, but your children are more important. Set the phone aside for an hour or two so that you can fully engage with the kids. It will be a special time for you and them, and it’s easier to interact if you aren’t trying to text and answer e-mails while you are crafting.
  9. Praise your child. Even if that big black blob that your child says is Uncle Joe looks nothing like a human, tell him or her that they did a great job. We all like praise – that doesn’t change even when you are an adult. Give copious amounts of it to children.
  10. Prepare your children for the end. Kids love creating so much that they probably aren’t going to want to stop. When the end gets near, give them a warning like “15 minutes until cleanup time.” Let them know at regular intervals when the fun is going to end – then they won’t be upset that you sprung it on them.

Are you ready to see some awesome arts and crafts for kids? Keep reading!

Craft Ideas for Kids

1. Mod Podge Slime Recipe

Can you make slime with Mod Podge? Yes you can! This easy Mod Podge slime recipe only has four ingredients - you probably already have them on hand.

All simple kids crafts roundups have to involve slime, am I right? This is a different slime recipe than you’ve made before – this one uses Mod Podge, and it doesn’t have any Borax in the mix.

2. Colorful Egg Carton Art

Craft ideas for kids - egg carton art

Don’t throw those egg cartons away – turn them into floral art with paint and Sparkle Mod Podge. This is one of those craft ideas for kids you’ll want to make in various colors for every season and holiday.

3. DIY Confetti Vase

Simple kids crafts - decorate a glass vase with confetti

Older children can make their own room decor very easily with a glass vase and tissue paper. This is one of those craft ideas for kids that adults will like to do too!

4. Milk Carton Birdhouses

Craft ideas for kids - make a birdhouse out of a milk carton

Use milk cartons, paint and Mod Podge to make the cutest bird feeders ever. You can’t beat arts and crafts for kids that use recycling bin materials!

5. Recycled Paper Bracelets

Arts and crafts for kids - recycled bracelet

Use an old cracker box and your favorite scrapbook papers to make a fun cuff bracelet. What other jewelry could you make with boxes?

6. DIY Window Clings Using Mod Podge

Do you want cool homemade decorations for your glass or windows? Use Mod Podge to make your own diy window clings - a great kids' craft!

This is one of those Mod Podge crafts for kids that adults are going to love too! Make DIY window clings with your favorite colors of paint and Mod Podge.

7. Upcycled Coffee Jug Turned Bank

Arts and crafts for kids - make a bank out of a coffee jar

Turn an old coffee jug into useful money storage – with an added bonus of looking like an alien! Recycled containers make awesome craft ideas for kids.

8. DIY Magnets from Lids

Simple kids crafts - turn lids into magnets

Shrink down children’s art and use Play Doh lids to make it into mini magnets. Perfect if you were wanting to throw that art into the recycle bin because you weren’t sure what to do with it.

9. Make Cards from Flower Petals

Craft ideas for kids - butterfly cards

I love craft ideas for kids that involve nature. Use flower petals to create pretty butterflies – you can decorate cards and other things with them.

10. DIY Book Crate Organizer

Simple kids crafts - DIY book crate

Where do your children store their books? Have them decorate their own crate using paint and Mod Podge. I love arts and crafts for kids that parents can do with their littles, and this is one of them.

11. Paper Mache Hot Air Balloons

Simple kids crafts - paper mache hot air balloons

This is one of my favorite simple kids crafts! Use a paper mache technique with Mod Podge to make these fun hot air balloon decorations.

12. Kids Art Coasters

Kids art coasters

You probably have a lot of children’s artwork – let them make a useful project with it by making coasters that you can use.

13. Recycled Pickle Jars to Toy Storage

Recycled Mod Podge jars for your desk - made from old pickle jars

Keep your pickle jars and use fabric and Mod Podge to turn them into toy, school supply, or craft supply containers.

14. Ice Cream Stick Frame

Make an Ice Cream Stick Photo Frame

Learn how to make an ice cream stick photo frame in a few steps! This DIY popsicle stick frame is so simple! It’s one of those easy crafts for kids that works well for a group. Decorate with fun patterns of washi tape and use Mod Podge to seal.

15. DIY Painted Birdhouses

Simple kids crafts - decorating birdhouses

Kids love decorating those $1 birdhouses from the craft store with paper, fabric and Mod Podge. If you’re looking for arts and crafts for kids that work for a group, this is a solid (and inexpensive) idea.

16. Paper Kite Craft for Kids

Craft ideas for kids - make a paper kite

I loved flying kites when I was little! Make one easily using dowel rods and paper. Then you can use this kite with your children. This is one of those simple kids crafts that is perfect for spring and summer.

17. Mini DIY Travel Game

Mini DIY Travel Games from altoids tins

Recycle old mint containers by turning them into games you can take on the road. You can also turn them into storage containers for small items.

18. Toothpick Cactus Craft for Kids

Toothpick cactus craft for kids

Arts and crafts for kids that involve toothpicks are probably best suited for older children – these cute toothpick cacti are so fun that I want to make them myself!

19. Recycled Tissue Box Dog

Recycled Kleenex box to dog

Simple kids crafts include unique recycled ideas! Make fun animal shapes, like this dog, out of old tissue boxes.

20. Tissue Paper Canvas

Easter bunny tissue paper canvas

This is one of those craft ideas for kids that can be adapted to many holidays or occasions. I made this for Easter, but you can use any shape on canvas that you like.

Want some additional Mod Podge crafts for kids? Check out the video in this post! Just press “PLAY.”

Let me know if you try any of these arts and and crafts for kids in the comments!

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Saturday 14th of September 2013

Hi Amy! What an honor to be featured at Mod Podge Rock! Thanks for sharing our confetti vase! :)

Haley Smith

Monday 26th of August 2013

what a phenomenal list of crafts, gotta say that the alien bank caught my heart, way too cute

Heidi @ Happiness is Homemade

Wednesday 21st of August 2013

These all look like a ton of fun! Thanks so much for including our kite! Pinning and sharing :)


Wednesday 21st of August 2013

What an awesome round up! Thank you so much for including my puppet theater :) Pinning now!