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Clothespin Craft Ideas for Kids or Adults

These clothespin craft ideas will keep both kids and adults busy for hours! Great ideas for decor, gifts, and more. Perfect for beginners.

Clothespin craft ideas

Have you ever tried crafting with clothespins? I’m going to be honest – it’s really gratifying. Who knew that those little pins that were used to hold laundry when you were little are now used to make the coolest crafts? It’s most unexpected and I love it!

If you’ve never tried clothespin crafts, I’m going to encourage you to hit Dollar Tree and grab yourself a pack. Yes, I recently saw clothespins at the dollar store (for $1, of course) and thought . . . it’s time to share some clothespin craft ideas with the world! And by the world, I mean you.

We have several ideas using clothespins here on the blog, and I wanted you to see those, as well as some other genius ideas from around the blogosphere. People are making everything from home decor to kids’ crafts. With small wooden pins!

Some of these craft ideas use the clothespins without being taken apart, and others require you to disassemble several before beginning your project. If you’ve never separated a clothespin from the spring before, it’s pretty simple.

All you really need to do is twist one of the sides out, and then you are left with a spring attached to the other half of the pin. That can be easily removed. Then you are left with small pieces of wood that you’re going to use to make the most amazing projects!

Are you ready to check out some awesomeness? Below you’re going to get over 25 craft ideas using clothespins – perfect for both kids or adults. In fact, you can make a lot of these together. One thing I’ve noticed about these projects is that they’re all easy. I hope you enjoy. Scroll down to see the magic!

Clothespin Craft Ideas

There is a plethora of creative and fun ways to create with clothespins. Whether you're looking for craft ideas, gifts, decor, or just some inspiration, this list has it all.

If you love these clothespin crafts, I’d love to know in the comments. I’d also love for you to check out these other cool ideas:

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Wednesday 25th of October 2023

I would like a catalog.


Friday 3rd of November 2023

They are all digital now! Go here: