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Epoxy resin is a clear hardening material that is extremely versatile and used in all types of crafts. Learn how to use resin and see what you can make!

Here are the most important posts you should see:

Mod Podge Resin for Crafts
Resin Crafts: Cool Projects to Make
Mod Podge Dimensional Magic vs. Resin

Once you’re ready to get started, scroll down and go through the crafts. Our most popular tutorial is the resin cutting boards. But once you get started with resin, I promise you’re going to be hooked. Check out all the ideas below!

How to Preserve Flowers in Resin (with Video!)

Learn how to preserve dried flowers in resin! You can make all sorts of projects with epoxy resin including jewelry, coasters, and more. Are you curious about preserving flowers in resin? I’m excited to share with you today! Recently I learned how to use resin, and I have to admit, it’s life changing stuff. I’ve …

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Make Resin Jewelry Using Pretty Pressed Flowers

Learn how to make resin jewelry using a kit as well as dried, pressed flowers! You can make the most beautiful gifts with this DIY tutorial. Skills Required: Advanced Beginner. I recommend having some experience with resin if you’re going to play with colors or mixing. At least try one sample project or piece before attempting …

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