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Mod Podge Dimensional Magic vs Resin

Mod Podge Dimensional Magic vs resin – which one should you pick? Find out the differences and what projects we recommend using for each.

Mod Podge Dimensional Magic vs Resin

“Mod Podge Dimensional Magic vs resin – which one should I choose?” This is a question I get a lot, and it’s time to answer! They are VERY different products even though they get compared all the time. Oh, and in my opinion?

They’re both awesome products and ones I use regularly. This post is not to try to convince you why the Dimensional Magic is better . . . it’s to educate you about when it’s appropriate to use each.

Dimensional Magic or Resin?

Let’s start with Dimensional Magic.

Mod Podge Dimensional Magic package

Mod Podge Dimensional Magic was originally – back in the day – developed for paper and jewelry crafts. Remember when scrapbooking was hot, hot, hot? This product was developed to make the clear, glossy effects you see on some stickers and other paper crafts. It is:

  • an acrylic, waterbased product
  • a product that can be used right out of the bottle (no mixing)
  • non-toxic, meaning no materials in this product are toxic or injurious to humans (including children) or animals

If you want a glossy effect with a little dimension on something, you’ll simply pop open the bottle and squeeze this on, then let dry. It DOES resemble clear epoxy when it dries.

It’s a hard surface – however, it can be dented if you try, AND it shouldn’t be left in water. It will start to break down. This is because it’s acrylic and that is what acrylic products do!

My primary use for Dimensional Magic is small areas: jewelry pendants, earrings, cards, etc. However, I have used it on items as large as trays (we’re talking like 9″ x 12″). It works well, but you’ll use several bottles of it. You may want to use resin on trays (we’ll get to that).

Just because Dimensional Magic non-toxic, that doesn’t mean it’s food safe. It’s not. Do not put food items directly on top of this product when dry. You should also wash your hands if it gets on them. You don’t need to wear gloves while using DM (unless your skin is extra extra sensitive).

Since we’re talking Mod Podge Dimensional Magic vs resin, now we need to move onto resin!

EnviroTex Lite box

The most common resin that I’m familiar with is Envirotex Lite. According to their website, “EnviroTex Lite® is a water clear reactive polymer compound. It cures to a thick, glossy coating in about 8 hours at 70°F, and reaches full strength and toughness in about 48 hours.”

Note the words “reactive polymer compound.” This means, in basic English, “this product is toxic so use with caution and follow the rules.” This does NOT mean to be afraid of it or not to use it. I love Envirotex Lite!

As far as I’m concerned, Envirotex Lite is used for larger projects or where heat and water resistance is important. It is:

  • a EXTREMELY durable product – more so than Dimensional Magic
  • a product that contains hazardous components so you must wear gloves and possibly a mask if you are sensitive
  • a product that requires mixing

When or where would I use resin? On countertops, tabletops, to make jewelry (the beads/bracelets/earrings themselves), trays (that are larger or need to be heat/water resistant).

I think of Envirotex Lite in more of a DIY/home improvement or serious jewelry maker capacity, where Dimensional Magic is my go-to craft supply for a similar effect, but on a smaller scale.

Am I starting to make sense?

Envirotex Lite can be used in a lot of the same places that Dimensional Magic can be used, but I wouldn’t put it on paper. And remember, you have to mix it – so there’s some effort there.

I’m only going to use resin when I need a REALLY tough solution. Which, sometimes the project requires!

EasyCast Clear Casting Epoxy, Mod Podge Dimensional Magic, Dimensional Magic Silver Glitter, EnviroTex Lite Pour-On High Gloss FInish

When I’m considering Mod Podge Dimensional Magic vs resin for a project, here are the questions I would ask:

  • How durable does my craft need to be?
  • What is my surface – wood, paper, etc?
  • How big is the area that I’m covering?
  • Does my project need to be heat or water resistant?

Oh, and in case you are wondering, you can embed items (confetti, glitter, buttons, etc) into BOTH Dimensional Magic and resin.

You can learn more about Dimensional Magic here and get a whole bunch of project ideas here.

Let me know if you have questions about either one – or usage – in the comments!

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