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25+ Table Top Ideas to Try This Weekend

You’re going to love these unique table top ideas you can use on any furniture big or small! DIY a table top with paint, resin, stencils, Mod Podge, and more.

Skills Required: Beginner to Intermediate. Some of these will be as basic as painting, while other use stenciling and a little more skill. Everyone will find a project they’d like to tackle on this list.

Table Top Ideas

Have you ever redone a table? You might think it’s intimidating, because I did at first. I’ll tell you exactly what was going on in my head before I tried it. This was well over 15 years ago.

I pictured myself going into Lowes or Home Depot, which I hated at the time, and searching the aisles for hours to find supplies. Supplies including sandpaper, stripper, basecoat, Kilz, a scraper, paint, rags, and just about a thousand other things.

I had zero clue what you actually needed to redo furniture, and assumed the preparation alone would overwhelm me. Not to mention the exquisite paint job that would be required, and that I certainly didn’t feel capable of.

So for a long time, furniture was a no-go.

But eventually I got my hands on a used side table for free, and I decided it was time to try it. Since there was nothing to lose. And by “try it” I mean paint the table and re-do the table top. And I loved it.

Since that time, I’ve re-done several pieces of furniture. And it’s way easier than I ever thought, and you need a lot fewer supplies than I thought (especially if you use chalk paint). You can get my tips for prepping furniture here.

So that you can try a project too, I’ve put together a collection of table top ideas for you to try! There’s everything from Mod Podge to tile to painting and stenciling. No matter your skill level or interest, you’re going to find a table top idea here you like.

If you’ve never tried re-doing furniture before, now’s the time. You’re more DIY-ey than you think, I promise! Check out the ideas below and let me know what you try in the comments!

Table Top Ideas

Learn how to make an old table top new again with one of these unique ideas!

Which of these ideas for decorating a table top would you like to try? I’d love to hear in the comments! Please also check out these other posts: