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Halloween Magnets: 20+ Cute Craft Ideas!

Both kids and adults love making Halloween magnets! These cute project ideas are perfect for gift giving or selling at a craft fair.

DIY Halloween Magnets

Every year around July or August I start thinking about Halloween. I know it’s crazy, but it’s true! I’m sure it’s because the craft stores start getting their supplies in around that time. The orange and black shades of all the paint and decor gets me all fired up for the upcoming spooky festivities.

My 8-year-old niece and I have developed a little tradition that we’ve started doing for my parents’ neighborhood each year. My parents live in townhomes in essentially a retirement community, and it’s gated. They don’t get trick or treaters, so we’ve decided to spread a bit of ghastly cheer by making a fun little gift to give them: Halloween magnets!

What do we love about the magnets? Let’s start with the fact that they are small, which generally speaking makes them easy to make as well as inexpensive to gift. An unexpected side effect of making these Halloween magnets with my niece is seeing the joy on her face as she creates each holiday character!

Right now her favorite theme is cute little witches, but you never know how it will change the following year. Once we’re done making a set of Halloween magnets, we put them in little cellophane bags and pass them out to my parents’ neighbors with a little note that says “You’ve Been Booed” attached with some washi tape. Everyone loves them!

These simple magnets would be awesome to make as gifts, sell at craft fairs, or just do as small Halloween crafts with your littles. I’m giving you a lot of ideas to choose from, so pick your ghoulish favorites! Just scroll down and check out this list of easy DIYs. Then let me know which is your favorite (or those you’ve tried) in the comments!

Halloween Magnets

Learn how to make this collection of Halloween magnets - 20 ideas for making pumpkins, witches, bats, and more! Both kids and adults will love these ideas. They are great for giving as gifts or selling.

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