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Wood Halloween Crafts You Need For Spooky Decor

Learn how to make unique wood Halloween crafts for your holiday decor! These EASY projects are great with a variety of decorating styles including rustic, farmhouse, modern, and more.

Skills Required: Beginner. A lot of these projects use pre-cut wood surfaces, but some of them use scraps and/or basic tools. If you’re familiar with a saw, drill, and other basics, you should be fine. None of these ideas are complicated and are great for newbies.

Halloween Wood Crafts

A lot of people are aware of my obsession with wood Christmas crafts, but they’re not so aware of another obsession I have that occurs a few months earlier in the year: wood Halloween crafts.

I mean I like wood crafts any time of year, but people come up with some really clever things during the holidays!

During Halloween you’ll see a lot of themed surfaces pop up in the craft stores next to normal things like plaques and frames. Small ghost cutouts, blank coffins, and haunted-style birdhouses, amongst other goodies.

I’m a big fan of those Halloween surfaces, but I’m also a big fan of using scraps or what you already have. That’s why I’m excited to share this list of Halloween wood craft ideas with you . . . there’s a little bit of everything here!

You can certainly head to the craft store (or Dollar Tree, or Goodwill, or Home Depot) and grab some blank surfaces for these Halloween crafts. But you can also hit your scrap pile first.

And if you’ve got the paint and other craft supplies . . . these babies could be made for close to free. There are some great ideas for both indoor and outdoor decor.

Are you ready to make some holiday magic? Check out the projects below and let me know which are your favorites in the comments!

Wood Halloween Crafts

If you like holiday decorating, you're going to love these wood projects for Halloween! All of them are beginner level and perfect for decor, gifting, or selling.

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Robin Deaton

Saturday 16th of September 2023

A lot of interesting things for Halloween. I like them a lot, it gives me a lot of ideas what to make for Halloween.