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Easy Wood Christmas Crafts for Decor or Gifts

Learn how to make wood Christmas crafts that you can use for holiday decorating, gifting, or even to sell! Get over 45 EASY and unique ideas.

Skills Required: Beginner. A lot of these projects use pre-cut wood surfaces, but some of them use scraps and/or basic tools. If you’re familiar with a saw, drill, and other basics, you should be fine. None of these ideas are complicated and are great for newbies.

Wood Christmas Crafts

I’m sure a lot of you have heard of the German Christmas markets, or “weihnachtsmarkt.” I’ve never been, but I know people that have. Apparently these Christmas markets are pretty cool, featuring handicrafts, eats and pastries, and mulled wine.

Where do I sign up?

But seriously, I want to visit one of these markets eventually. I love unique decor and eats during the holidays, so I think there would be some good loot for me!

Specifically what I’d be shopping for are the wood Christmas crafts. I absolutely LOVE handmade items for Christmas: ornaments, tree decor, advent calendars, wall art, candle holders . . . I want it all.

I adore the rustic charm of wooden Christmas decorations. They just bring a little something special to the season, don’t you think?

I decided to put together a list of awesome crafts inspired by the Deutsch market and my love of all things wood during the holidays.

You need to head to the craft store (or Dollar Tree, or Goodwill, or Home Depot) and grab some wood surfaces. Along with one of these ideas, you’ll make some holiday magic.

Grab this list of wood Christmas crafts below and let me know what you think in the comments (and which projects you’d like to try). Happy holiday season!

Wood Christmas Crafts

Learn how to make some cute Christmas crafts out of wood! You can make these to decorate your home, gift, or sell.

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