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About Mod Podge Rocks


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7 months later
  1. Who are you? My name is Amy. I am a 46-year-old crafty gal who has lived all over the country (a lot in the Northwest) and finally ended up in the Portland, Oregon area. I was born from creative genes, so I’m carrying on the tradition. I have been knitting for 30+ years, sewing for longer and decoupaging for 15. I do all of these things on a daily basis, or at least as much as I can. In addition to Mod Podge, I love the color blue, dogs, reading, cold weather, funny movies, road rallies, yogurt, skiing, garden gnomes, sock monkeys, cycling, being outdoors, buttons, snuggling, and apparently blogging. Who knew I would love it this much?
  2. Is there anything else I should know about you? I try to wear stripes and/or bright colors on a daily basis. It makes me happy. It’s the little things, people.
  3. What makes you the authority on Mod Podge? My favorite thing about this blog is that I get to bring lots of ideas and inspiration together in one place – making everyone who is featured here an authority! I started this blog because when I was trying to find decoupage inspiration, I had to go to a lot of different places to get it. I thought, “what if it could all just be in one place?” I don’t just complain – I make it happen!
  4. What is your day job? I’m a freelancer. That means that I am my own boss and I work all the time. But I love it.
  5. Will you offer me advice on my project/creative idea/love life? Yes, I’ll do my best. That I can promise you.
  6. Do you accept submissions? Heck yes! Don’t be scared. Send ’em my way. E-mail me here.
  7. I’m having a Mod Podge craft issue. Can you help me? Yes. Click here. Another place that might help is the Mod Podge Facebook group, where there are a ton of members who love to answer questions.


Wednesday 17th of March 2021

Hi Amy. I am trying to put a picture in the middle of my plastic pot. I painted the pot with black acrylic paint and let it dry then I put Mod Podge HardCoat and placed my picture and brushed over the picture to smooth it out at one point the black paint ran into my picture!!! I then covered the whole pot with mod podge hard coat and let it dry then I used Decoart Duraclear Matte Varnish several times. However as soon as the pot got wet the solutions ran and picture got wet. What am I doing wrong? Do I seal the paint before Mod posing? What shall I use to seal it properly?


Thursday 25th of February 2021

Can you use mod podge on plexiglass? I saw a lady use a little mixed with a few drops of food dye and then paint it on a plastic ball to give it a red tint. I was wondering if it would eventually flake off? I’d like to tint a sheet of plexiglass to use in my kid’s room but wanted to make sure it would not peel off.


Friday 26th of February 2021

Hi Ruth! Unfortunately it might not work. A lot of acrylic products peel right off of plexi. I wish I could give you an exact answer, but you have to do a test with your piece of plexi, because the composition of plexi is different. Some is more clear, some is more like a resin. If you have Mod Podge, I'd try it in a corner and see. You'll know if it works if you can peel it right off when dry. Good luck!