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Christmas crafts are always a joy to make, especially when they use Mod Podge! Grab a ton of ideas including handmade ornaments, decor, and more.

Here are our top five Christmas posts for you to make sure and check out:

  1. Salt Dough Ornaments (with recipe!)
  2. Paper Kids Advent Calendar
  3. 100+ Ornaments Made with Mod Podge
  4. Rustic Themed Christmas Printables
  5. Easy Handprint Ornaments

I’d also love for you to consider the following formulas for your Christmas crafts – trust me, you’ll want to break these out of the craft stash for the holidays! You might get so addicted you’ll use them all year.

  • Sparkle Mod Podge – Did you know there is a decoupage medium with glitter already inside? Yes. Sparkle Mod Podge contains hologram glitter pieces (rainbow effect) in a gloss base. Use several coats for more sparkle and shine.
  • Mod Podge Extreme Glitter – Do you want Sparkle Mod Podge on steroids? Because that’s what this is! This formula contains ultra fine glitter and LOTS of it . . . so you wouldn’t want to put it over a paper or fabric where you want to see fine detail. Great for ornaments.
  • Mod Podge Mega Glitter – This formula is only for the most discerning glitter enthusiasts. Four different sizes of glitter particles are mixed in the Mod Podge Dishwasher Safe formula to create Mod Podge Mega Glitter. Whether you apply one light topcoat or add a few more, Mod Podge Mega Glitter will add glitter sparkle effects creating a “WOW” decoupaged project!

Ready to dive into these Christmas crafts? Scroll down.

Christmas Wall Decor: 50 Festive DIY Projects!

Learn how to make unique Christmas wall decor for your holiday home! Get 50 DIY projects from beginner to intermediate. So many festive ideas! Ever since I first started crafting, one that I’ve always fallen back on is wall art. Do you love to craft? Do you need something festive for your walls? Look no …

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DIY Christmas Candle Holders for Your Holiday Home

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Mason Jar Christmas Crafts for Gifts and Decor

Get over 40 ideas for mason jar Christmas crafts – perfect for holiday decorating or gifting! These are inexpensive and easy for beginners. This Christmas, give your loved ones a gift they’ll appreciate for years to come: holiday crafts made with mason jars! If you’ve never tried mason jar Christmas crafts, I’m excited to share …

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Frosted Christmas Luminaries with Faux “Snow”!

Use textured epsom salt and Mod Podge to make these gorgeous mason jar Christmas luminaries! These are easy and so pretty for winter. Skills Required: None. Even if you’ve never crafted before, you’ll be able to make these. You’ll be adding epsom salt to your mason jars with Mod Podge and then embellishing. Imagine a …

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Crystal Pendant Family Photo Ornaments

Learn how to make pretty family photo ornaments using crystal pendants from a chandelier! Perfect for Christmas, a wedding, or baby gift idea. Skills Required: Beginner. The Mod Podging is simple enough if you don’t have any experience – the only thing that you might want to know is how to use jewelry tools. Dimensional …

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DIY Christmas Ornaments: 100+ Ideas For Your Tree!

If you’re looking for some ideas for DIY Christmas ornaments, well, you’ve come to the right place. Over 100 ideas, lots of them made with Mod Podge and some creative magic! Scroll down to the bottom of the post to get a video of some of the ideas in action. You’re going to love watching …

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