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If you’re here to get some ideas for Mod Podge crafts, you’ve come to the right place. You’ve picked a craft supply that is relatively easy to use – you should be up and running in no time (learn to Mod Podge here). Here are the posts you’ll want to see if you’re just starting out:

Decoupage is an ideal craft for absolute beginners!

Seven Step Process

There’s a seven step decoupage process you’ll go through each time for *most* Mod Podge crafts:

  1. Prepare the surface – Mod Podge works on wood, glass, paper, tin, fabric, paper mache, ceramic, and more.
  2. Select a Mod Podge formula – our formula guide is here.
  3. Prepare the items to Mod Podge.
  4. Cut your fabric paper, etc. to fit the surface.
  5. Decoupage – add your fabric/paper to the surface with Mod Podge, your glue, sealer and finish.
  6. Smooth, smooth, smooth.
  7. Add a finishing and protective coat and let dry.

If you’re experienced with Mod Podge crafts, check out our most popular categories: Coasters and Photo Transfer. People are also very interested in how to use Puzzle Saver.

All of the crafts are down below if you want to scroll through one by one. Enjoy!

Decorate a Suitcase with Printed Photos

Learn how to decorate a suitcase with printed photos! Use Mod Podge to transform an old luggage find into a personal photo gallery. Skills Required: Intermediate Beginner. You should have experience using decoupage medium with paper, because the photos might wrinkle. Have you ever found an old suitcase and thought, “This could use a makeover”? …

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DIY Cupcake Stand (or Cake Stand) for Your Next Soiree

Create a DIY cupcake stand or cake stand with supplies from the dollar store. This is an easy party craft to make and inexpensive to boot! Skills Required: Beginner. You will use Mod Podge and hot glue to assemble some basic items to form the stand. You know what is the oft overlooked, routinely underestimated, …

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