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Learn how to Mod Podge furniture with this collection of unique home decor tutorials – everything from tables to dressers to chairs and more.

The first question everyone typically has is, “How do I get started decoupaging furniture?” Understandably so. You need to follow these steps.

1) Choose a surface. There are tables, chairs, stepstools, cabinets, bookcases, dressers, and more. I recommend choosing a smaller item for your first Mod Podge furniture piece and working your way up . . . however, a larger item is simply more time consuming.

2) Choose something to apply to the surface. You can use fabric, wrapping paper, scrapbook paper, wallpaper, or pretty much anything you like.

3) Get Hard Coat Mod Podge. A Mod Podge furniture project requires a tougher formula. I use Hard Coat Mod Podge for my furniture DIYs.

4) Prep your furniture piece. I have a six step process for prepping your piece for Mod Podge – you can find it here.

5) Get to decoupaging! Now that your piece is prepped, you have your Mod Podge, and you know what you’re putting on the surface – you’re ready. I have a post all about adding fabric to wood furniture.

For more specific tutorials, check out the extensive list of Mod Podge furniture projects below.

Scroll down – click on your favorite and learn how it’s done!

Decoupage Chest of Drawers with Vintage Birds

This decoupage chest of drawers uses vintage themed bird graphics along with some paint to make a show stopping piece of furniture! Skills Required: Beginner. You won’t be decoupaging entire drawer fronts; you’ll be painting and then adding cutouts with Mod Podge. It’s perfect for someone who hasn’t re-done furniture before. I’ve featured a few …

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Decoupage Table with Wrapping Paper (So Easy!)

Learn how to make decoupage table with wrapping paper! It’s easy to do with Mod Podge Outdoor and this tutorial. Such a unique project. Skills Required: Intermediate. Wrapping paper can have a tendency to wrinkle, so you’ll need to read my tips carefully. Otherwise, you should have some experience with Mod Podge before trying this …

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DIY File Cabinet Makeover the Easy Way!

In this DIY file cabinet project, we’ll show you the easy way to do a revamp with scrapbook paper! This filing cabinet makeover is SO cute. Skills Required: Intermediate. I would say this project fits on the low end of the intermediate category. It’s easy to paint a cabinet (using my tips). BUT whether you’re …

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DIY Step Stool Makeover with Mod Podge

I needed something small to reach the tops of my kitchen shelves – so I decorated this DIY step stool in my favorite fabric colors! Skills Required: Beginner. It helps to have some experience with Mod Podge and cutting things in ovals (which isn’t as easy as it looks necessarily). You’ll be painting and attaching …

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