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Unique home decor crafts don’t have to be expensive! Learn to make your favorite decorating items on a budget. Lots of easy projects in a variety of styles: rustic, vintage, farmhouse, modern, and more.

DIY home decor with Mod Podge

Home Decor Craft Ideas

Creating home decor with Mod Podge is nice because the learning curve is small – you don’t need an advanced skill set to accomplish something pretty. Mod Podge is so beginner friendly, and perfect for using on new or refurbished surfaces.

The typical process is to select a surface to Mod Podge, pick paper or fabric to put on that surface, and then choose your Mod Podge formula (here’s my formula guide).

I do recommend practicing before starting home decor projects with decoupage. You’ll want to make sure you know how to use Mod Podge so that your craft is worthy of displaying in your home!

If you need some inspiration, here are the top five home decor projects on my site currently:

If you like seeing a lot of ideas in one post, here are the most popular roundups:

DIY home decor is totally attainable, even for newbie crafters. We have four categories on this site: Frames, Furniture, Organization, and Wall Art. Just click on one of them to go directly those projects.

To see all of the projects, just scroll through them below.

DIY Photo Mat with Scrapbook Paper (Cheap & Cute!)

Use old book pages, scrapbook paper, and Mod Podge to make a DIY photo mat. This picture mat is easy to customize for your decor. Skills Required: None. You’ll be applying smaller pieces of paper to a photo mat with Mod Podge. Allowing proper dry time should help you avoid any wrinkles. Embarking on a …

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Wrapping Paper Decoupage on a Table (So Easy!)

Learn how to do wrapping paper decoupage on a dollar store TV tray table! This is a simple way to decorate a table top with a pretty print. Skills Required: Intermediate. Wrapping paper can have a tendency to wrinkle, so you’ll need to read my tips carefully. Otherwise, you should have some experience with Mod …

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Decoupage Wood Tray with Adult Coloring Pages

Learn how to decoupage a wood tray with adult coloring pages! This is a pretty home decor project that can be easily personalized, and makes a great gift idea. Skills Required: Beginner. It helps to have experience with Mod Podge for this project. You’ll be painting, then decoupaging squares of coloring pages onto a wood …

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