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Halloween Wall Art: 25+ Festive Craft Ideas

This Halloween wall art is going to make your holiday! Get over 25 craft ideas for a variety of Halloween styles and decor.

Halloween Wall Art

It’s no secret that I’m a sucker for Halloween. It’s the crafts, the treats, the costumes . . . . along with the lack of expectations, to be honest. You don’t have to buy presents for people, and no family comes and stays with you. Unless you want them to, of course.

It’s not that I’m a holiday pooper, but I am realistic. I understand that holidays sometimes come with a lot of expectations, when I just want to have fun. Halloween gives me everything I need in a holiday and more!

I promise I’m not trying to sell you.

Okay maybe I am just a little.

One of my favorite things about Halloween is making decorations. I like to set up my entryway, mantel, kitchen, and other areas with holiday decor. I try not to go crazy, but I love making Halloween wall art. It’s a hobby of mine during the season for sure. There are so many ideas for making fabulous DIY Halloween wall art on a budget . . . with lots of glitter . . . and that makes a statement.

Whether you love Halloween just as much as I do, or are at the beginning of your orange and black journey, I think you will appreciate this collection of ideas. This wall art for Halloween ranges from print-and-stick-in-a-frame to simple craft project. Nothing will be too hard if you have basic craft skills. Regardless of the project you choose, you’re going to have a blast making it.

Scroll down to get the ideas – enjoy!

Halloween Wall Art

Learn how to make Halloween wall art perfect for the holiday! Get 25+ ideas for DIY Halloween decor that you'll love bringing out year after year. Perfect for beginners.

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