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DIY Halloween Candle Holders Made on a Budget

Learn how to make these pretty Halloween candle holders – great for decorating and giving as gifts. You’ll love these DIYs on a budget! They are also great for beginning crafters as all of these holiday projects are very easy.

DIY Halloween Candle Holders

The holidays always come around way quicker than expected, at least for me. Is this the case for you too?

Here’s what happens every single year around Halloween: it’s October 1st, and then the next day it’s October 21st. Just like that! It’s so weird. Maybe this sounds familiar.

Inevitably if you haven’t started Halloween decorating or crafts yet, you’re scrambling, just like me.

Honestly my best decorations for the current year are the ones I made the year before at the last minute. I hope I’m not making you think I’m a huge flake . . . I love Halloween crafts, I’m just never ready!

If you’re like me, it’s okay! Because I have your back with these Halloween candle holders. I’m going to help you get prepare with some spooky selections! Not only are these easy but they are budget friendly. Yep, lots of Dollar Tree supplies.

I find that, when decorating for the holidays, one thing that always sets the tone quite nicely is candles.

With it getting dark earlier each day, with gray skies and impending rain (at least here in the PNW), with everyone home and cozy . . . candle holders are a welcome decor item that everyone seems to love.

Not only are Halloween candle holders perfect for decor (indoor and out), but they are a must for any parties.

They also work for gifts as well! Bring your host or hostess one of these awesome candle holders to let them know you appreciate them.

I already gave you some ideas for Halloween lanterns, and you may see just a few of those crafts on this list. But most of them are new projects I want you to check out, perfect for holding either real or LED candles (whichever you prefer).

Take a peek through the list and let me know which ones you’ve tried, which are your favorite, and any other ideas you have for Halloween lighting you’d like me to know about. Meanwhile, enjoy the ideas below!

DIY Halloween Candle Holders

Make these fun and spooky candle holders that you'll love to display with holiday decor or give as gifts. Get over 25 ideas here!

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