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Crafts with Tissue Paper: 50+ Ideas for Kids or Adults

Crafts with tissue paper are fun for both kids and adults! Get over 50 ideas for tissue paper crafts from gifts to home decor and more.

Crafts with Tissue Paper

I’m excited to talk today about what I consider to be a highly underutilized craft supply: tissue paper. You know, the stuff you put in gift bags to make your package poofy? That stuff. It’s sheer and it comes in a ton of colors.

It’s great for wrapping presents, but it’s also pretty awesome in crafts. And so today I bring you over 50 crafts with tissue paper for your viewing pleasure! These are great ideas for both children and adults. Kids love to craft with tissue! But these projects are fun for everyone. I promise.

The thing about tissue . . . it’s not necessarily hard to use, but it is fragile to a certain extent. Not so much right out of the package, but if you use it together with Mod Podge or another liquid medium – it can tear. So I’m excited to share tips with you today as well.

In fact, here are my favorite tips for working with tissue paper that you should know before get started:

  1. Make sure scissors and punches are very sharp when used with tissue. If you want to sharpen them, use aluminum foil and punch or cut several times (I outline more crafting tips like that here). Dull tools will just fold the paper.
  2. If you want to punch thin tissue, you’re going to want to punch several sheets at once. Using one sheet isn’t enough to get a clean cut, and the paper will just fold. How many sheets depends on the punch so play with it a little.
  3. Tissue starts to release dye when it gets wet. It takes a minute though. So if you use it with Mod Podge, you can brush over it, but don’t brush too much. The first time you apply it, brush it down just enough to get it smooth (you can use your fingers carefully too). Then let dry. If you keep manipulating it at this point, it will tear and release the dye and make a mess.
  4. Small squares or pieces are easier to work with than entire sheets (because wrinkles). Most of these projects involve smaller pieces, but there are some with larger sheets too (particularly the party stuff).

Are you ready to dive into the projects? There’s a little bit of everything below – tissue paper flowers, party crafts, gift ideas, home decor . . . and I’d say most of these are suitable for kids as well. Try one of the craft ideas and then let me know what you think in the comments!

Crafts with Tissue Paper

Do you like working with tissue? Then you're going to love these tissue paper crafts for kids and adults! There are great ideas for everyone on this list, including for the holidays (Easter, Halloween, Christmas) and more.

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