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DIY Candy Dish from Dollar Tree

Are you lacking in patriotic crafts? This DIY candy dish is perfect – cover a dollar store find with tissue paper and Mod Podge.

Fourth of July Craft - Make a Sparkle Candy Dish

I’ve said many times before that I have never been very patriotic when it comes to crafts. It’s not because I don’t love living in the United States or for any particular reason than I just haven’t decorated for those type of holidays.

Candy Dish Idea

This year I’m remedying the situation with some fun crafts that are perfect for the Fourth of July. And this candy dish idea happens to be perfect for (older) kids as well – it uses Sparkle Mod Podge which is so awesome when you see it in person.

Besides that, the supplies are minimal . . . but the fun is not. You can get a lot of these supplies from the Dollar Tree! Here’s how I made this 4th of July candy dish.

Gather These Supplies

Star shaped glass dish from Dollar Tree

I love $1 glass. It’s perfect for decoupage and guess what: it’s ONE dollar!

Cutting red tissue paper with scissors

Begin by cutting your tissue paper into whatever shapes you like. I did squares. And then when I thought about it, I realized you could use a punch, too. What about tissue paper circles? That might be fun.

Applying red, white, and blue tissue paper to the star shaped glass dish

Grab the Mod Podge and start adding tissue paper squares to the outside of your dish. Keep overlapping at random. It doesn’t really matter how you do it, or if there are wrinkles. It’s going to be fine.

Keep layering the tissue paper until the entire star dish is covered. You can use regular Mod Podge at this point to preserve the Sparkle Mod Podge . . . or you can Mod Podge down with the Sparkle formula. It’s up to you.

Applying Sparkle Mod Podge to the star glass dish

Once you are done with the squares and the project has dried, this is when you coat the entire dish with Sparkle Mod Podge. Give it several coats and let it dry.

Fourth of July Craft - Sparkle Candy Dish

Then pour your candy in and try not to eat it in one day. I’m not a big fan of red hots, so this dish is going to last a while (does anyone have that candy strategy??).

This 4th of July candy dish took me about 30 minutes to make . . . and now I have some patriotic decor. Try this Fourth of July craft when you have a chance!

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Saturday 10th of July 2021

This is awesome! I just picked up a couple of star dishes like these, but they're a little scratched so I love this idea.


Wednesday 12th of June 2013

Very, very cute!! Great idea. I'm going to have to give it a try! Would be pretty for Christmas stars too! Or Hannukah : )


Thursday 13th of June 2013

Good call Dawn! I love that for Christmas :D

Barbara macaskill

Wednesday 12th of June 2013

How moxifabuliscious is this?!?! LOVE it! TFS!