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Free 4th of July Printables You’ll Love

Celebrate Independence Day with some awesome home and party decor! Here are twenty 4th of July printables you’ll love – and they are all FREE!

Fourth of July printables for home and party

Are you ready for an awesome collection of 4th of July printables? Because Independence Day is coming around the corner quickly . . . and you may have not started decorating yet. OR you may also be interested in some pretty favors or decorations for your Independence Day party.

If that is the case, let me recommend some printables for you. I’ve found TWENTY Fourth of July printables that you are really going to love and want to print out immediately!

How to Print Printables

I like to use my personal printer for very small jobs like gift tags, but for most printables (especially home decor and party), I like to get them professionally printed.

Then I’m not wasting my own ink – and my printer has a drinking problem! I’ve spent so much money on ink cartridges that I feel like I’m saving money when someone else prints it.

I’ve personally sent printable jobs to FedEx Kinkos online and then picked them up at the store. They did a great job and I’ve never had any problems! Two other options for getting printouts sent to you are Snapfish and Shutterfly.

If you choose to get anything else printed, make sure you check the terms of use for the printable you selected. 99% of the time you can use printables for personal use but can’t republish or sell them, including items printed with the art.

Fourth of july printables feature image

Can I Resize the Printables?

The answer is “maybe.” Most sites size their printables for a maximum 8 1/2″ x 11″ page. So if you want to make the printable smaller, you can do that in your printer settings or a program like PicMonkey (which I use daily).

You can try to make it larger, but it’s probably best to contact the original creator of the printable and see what they can do for you.

What Kind of Paper Should I Use?

I’m not a big fan of flimsy printables, so I always use what is typically called “brochure” paper if I print from home. I’m looking for 150 – 180 gram weight typically (which will be identified on the front of the package).

In contrast, regular printer paper is typically 80 – 100 grams. The thickness makes a big difference as far as I’m concerned!

Tools for Cutting

You can cut your printables with scissors, but to get the cleanest edge (especially around corners and with thicker paper), use a craft knife and mat. Make sure you have a sharp blade to work with or you are going to be miserable – trust me on this.

Paper cutters are also great for making clean cuts, they can be a little harder to use though. Sometimes they chew up the paper and they don’t go around curves. But for squares or rectangles, they’re handy.

Are you ready to check out some cute 4th of July printables? Keep on reading. There are so many options for home decor, parties, and more.

Grab these FREE Fourth of July printables for decor, party, and more! Lots of cute options you'll love.

Did you enjoy these printables? Let me know in the comments. We have some Fourth of July crafts you might be interested in. Go take a peek because I think you’re going to love them: