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DIY Gift Bags That Will Up Your Gifting Game

Learn how to create DIY gift bags out of a variety of materials – fabric, paper, wrapping paper, and more. Perfect for all sizes of gifts.

DIY Gift Bags

I have memories of wrapping gifts when I was younger. When we (my brothers and I) would go to other kids’ birthday parties, we were responsible for wrapping the gifts. My mom would buy the thing, and we would have to wrap it ourselves to take to the party.

Well . . . one time I couldn’t find the wrapping paper and so I used supplies from the recycle bin to wrap a present. I believe it was newspaper and potentially a paper bag. My mom saw it and immediately said, “you’re going to need to re-wrap that.” I don’t think she wanted to send me to a party with a present wrapped in garbage.

And I have to admit – I’m not the Martha Stewart of wrapping. Even when presented with paper, tape, and all the correct supplies, I still have difficulties executing the perfect fold-and-tape situation. My corners aren’t crisp and leave a little something to be desired.

And that’s where DIY gift bags come in! Because guess what my friends: you don’t have to wrap something perfectly when you have a gift bag. They are perfect for those of us who can’t wrap worth a crap, as well as unusually sized or shaped Christmas gift items that might be difficult to wrap.

And just because it’s a gift bag doesn’t mean you can’t personalize it or make it fun! This post is going to show you 50 ways to either make or dress up a gift bag so it’s absolutely perfect for giving to that special person. Who knows . . . they might even like the gift bag more than the gift! 😮

If you’ve got “gift wrap-itis” like I do, you’re going to appreciate these ideas. Just scroll down and take a peek at all of these DIY gift bags using a variety of supplies. Many of them you probably already have in your stash, making a handmade gift bag a budget friendly item as well.

Check out these projects and then let me know which you’ve tried and which are your favorites in the comments. Am I missing a perfect way to bag your gifts that you love? Let me know that too!

DIY Gift Bags

Learn how to make DIY gift bags using all sorts of materials: paper, fabric, Mod Podge, glitter, and more. Give your gifts in style with these simple tutorials, all perfect for beginners.

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