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Wrapping Paper to Frame with Mod Podge

This Mod Podge wrapping paper to frame is the perfect gift idea on a budget – all you need are a few supplies and some creativity.

Make a frame - using Mod Podge and wrapping paper

Hi readers! I’m Justine from the Sew Country Chick blog with a quick and easy Mod Podge project for you today. Today’s project is a quick space sprucer upper – a DIY frame!

Lately I’ve noticed at the hobby shop that there have been some very cute rolls of wrapping paper in the one dollar bin. The lightweight feel of the paper is perfect for Mod Podge projects!

While I love scrapbook paper, it doesn’t always work on projects that require wrapping, like this frame did.

DIY Wrapping Paper Frame

I highly recommend saving wrapping paper from all of your presents to use in crafts. Yes, you’ll be that person. But the good news is that when you need it, there it will be – for free.

One note for wrapping paper: it wrinkles more easily than a lot of scrapbook paper. I highly recommend doing a test on a scrap piece of wood or $1 frame before doing your final project.

If you find the Mod Podge is wrinkling the wrapping paper, you’ll want to mist the wrapping paper first (I use a spray bottle) with water the next time you try it. Wetting the wrapping paper before Mod Podging works – I can’t tell you why, but it does!

Here’s how to make a wrapping paper covered picture frame . . . with just a few supplies:

Wrapping paper frame step 1

Start with an unfinished frame like the one above. They are just a couple of dollars at the hobby shop, or you use an old frame you have sitting around collecting dust.

Wrapping paper frame step 2

Cut the wrapping paper with about a one inch overlap as pictured above. Add Mod Podge to the back of the frame and wrap the frame. Let dry.

Wrapping paper frame step 3

Once the paper is dry you can brush a couple of coats of Mod Podge over the frame to seal it and protect it. I used Mod Podge Antique to age the frame, I love how it does that, but normal Mod Podge will work just fine, too!

How to decorate a frame with wrapping paper and Mod Podge

Isn’t this wrapping paper frame it pretty? Such an easy home decor idea – or it would make a perfect gift!

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