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40+ Gift Wrap Ideas for the Holidays and More

Looking for some creative ways to wrap your presents? Grab some plain brown kraft paper or wrap and try one of these 40+ gift wrap ideas!

creative gift wrapping ideas

How many rolls of wrapping paper, bags of bows, piles of cards and gift tags do you have in your house? Wrapping presents can get expensive!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could find the perfect wrapping paper that would work for any occasion? Well, it does exist, and it is called kraft paper.

Using Kraft Paper for Wrapping Presents

Wait, what? You may be thinking “kraft paper is plain and ugly,” and you’d be right if you are thinking of just the brown paper alone. However, you can purchase kraft paper in a variety of colors and it is still cheaper than wrapping paper!

Plus, there are so many ways to “dress up” kraft paper or solid wrapping paper. I’ve come up with a list of over 40 gift wrap ideas that you are going to love! Just scroll down and get some inspiration.

Or, if you are like me and your wrapping skills aren’t that great, you can use gift bags. Not sure why, but when I’m wrapping gifts, things don’t seem to line up, my corners aren’t sharp and my creases don’t lay flat.

Gift bags are a godsend! I’m also fond of creating DIY gift boxes that look nice so I don’t even need to wrap them!

Gift Wrap Ideas

Looking for some creative ways to wrap your presents? Grab some plain wrap and try one of these 40+ wrapping ideas!

Which of these gift wrap ideas do you want to try first? Let me know in the comments below. Then check out these other gift wrapping and Christmas related posts: