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Unique DIY Teacher Appreciation Gifts They’ll Love

Need some fantastic DIY teacher gift ideas for your favorite teacher? These are easy to make, and based on a list of things that teachers REALLY want! Try one of these cute teacher appreciation gifts today.

Teacher appreciation gifts

Do you have a special school teacher in your life? One that made a big impression? I do – it was my own mom! My mother was a fifth grade teacher for many years, and I thought I was never in her class, she’s still the most important teacher in my life.

She showed me how to tie my shoes and taught me to sew and knit. My mom also showed me how to do a variety of things that have ended up being useful life skills, like how to organize and do a budget.

There’s nothing I can really give my mom to show her how much I appreciate and love her. Did you have a teacher like that in your life?

Teachers are truly amazing in my opinion! Appreciation gifts have always been on my list for the end of the school year, but there’s another option besides purchasing – you can always DIY as well (a combination is nice too!).

What Gifts Do They Really Want?

So I actually surveyed my mom and some other teachers online (elementary through high school) to find out what gifts are best. There was a resounding “no more coffee mugs” and a big “yes” vote for DIY cards, handmade presents, and gift cards.

Which totally makes sense to me. I did Junior Achievement with a second grade class and then a third grade class, and the third graders made me handmade cards.

still have those cute cards, and I’m not even a teacher! They were just so precious and some of the students drew pictures of me. They made me smile!

And really, who doesn’t love gift cards? The teachers said they enjoyed being able to shop for what they wanted. Gift cards are especially great for end of year teacher gifts, so I’ve got some ideas that will help there too.

Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Learn how to make these DIY appreciation gifts for teachers - these are the things they really want! Perfect for beginning crafters, and kids can help too.

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