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DIY Notebook Ideas You’ll Want to Make

Get organized and get stylish with these 20+ DIY notebook ideas! How will you make your notebook pretty? These will inspire you!

DIY Notebook Ideas You'll Want to Make

Ever since I was young, DIY notebook ideas are my thing. It was always how I expressed my creativity when going back to school. And now that planners are all the rage, decorating notebooks is an even bigger deal than ever!

Some people use traditional planners, but others are using notebooks to keep their lives organized. What I like about a standard issue notebook is that you have the freedom to go crazy since all you have are lines (well, and sometimes they’re unlined!).

You can go bullet journal style and create your own calendars and to-do lists . . . you can customize them any way you like.

If you are on a notebook kick, here are 20 DIY notebook ideas you’re going to love. Each one is so pretty – it’s hard to pick my favorite. Use these ideas to inspire you. Let me know if you try any of these in the comments. Have fun!

DIY Notebooks

  1. Binder Clip Notebooks. from
  2. Mini Notebooks from
  3. Overlay Notebook Designs from
  4. To-Do and Plans Notebooks from
  5. Inspirational Notebooks from
  6. Notebook Cover Design Tutorial from
  7. Printable Rainbow Notebooks from
  8. Mini Notebook From A Cereal Box from
  9. Decorate Notebooks with Scrapbook Paper from
  10. Floral Patterned Notebooks from
  11. Printable Composition Book Covers from
  12. Vinyl Letter Notebooks from
  13. Heart Notebooks from
  14. Cover a Notebook with a Map from
  15. Notebooks For Back To School from
  16. Stitched Notebooks from
  17. Easy Personalised Notebooks from
  18. Embroidered Notebooks from
  19. Adventure Notebook in Minutes from
  20. Marbled Notebook from
  21. Mother’s Day Hand Bound Notepads from
  22. How To Create Hand Lettered Notebook Art from
  23. Gold Foil Notebooks For Back To School from

Which DIY notebook from the list would you like to try? Let me know in the comments!

Team Gillis Realtor

Thursday 12th of January 2017

I love this kind of DIYS. The design of my notebooks are always personalized because it reflects my personality.