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Craft Supplies for Kids: 20 Items for Guaranteed Fun!

The best craft supplies for kids are these 20 easy-to-use picks – selected by a mom of five and former teacher! Get the ultimate list.

Craft Supplies for Kids

Let’s face it – kids love crafting! It’s tactile, they can be creative, and sometimes it’s even messy. And what child doesn’t love messy?

One thing I’ve noticed about kids crafts is that sometimes it’s hard to know what supplies to get. What is safe . . . and what do children enjoy making?

Never fear – I’ve pulled together a guide of the top 20 kids’ craft supplies that they’re sure to fancy. These are basics that everyone should have on hand if they want to get creative with their children and have a good time.

Where did I get this list? I actually pulled it together with the help of my mother, who was an elementary school teacher for many years. Karen (her name) also had five crafty kids. Including me. She’s now a grandmother and I’m an aunt . . . we know what kids like, and what I grew up on. Trust me.

20 Simple Kids Crafts with Mod Podge

Kids Art Supplies

Before we dive into the ideas, I wanted to address a few FAQs I’ve gotten about this post. If you’re only interested in the items, keep scrolling down and skip this section.

Where can I buy cheap craft supplies?

It can get costly to purchase a bunch of these items at once. My preferred places to shop:

Also don’t forget to look for coupons and sales from the big craft retailers. They have discounts on these items all the time, AND there’s always a coupon in the app. I really like the 20% off everything coupons and tend to wait for those.

What should I look for on the label?

You’ll want to look for ACMI symbol so that you know it’s certified non-toxic and safe for children. It’s an “AP” in a circle. You’ll also want to look at the age recommendation on the package. I *try* to buy things Made in the USA as well . . . or at least as much as possible.

Child painting a paper mache unicorn

How do you store crafting supplies for kids?

I’ll be honest, I use anything I can find. My favorite items are clear containers, magazine holders, tackle boxes/art organizers, recycled glass jars or mason jars, over the door shoe holders, mint containers, and baskets.

What can I do with my children’s artwork?

That’s the million dollar question! Learn what to do with children’s artwork, get nine cool things to do with kids art, and find 21 ways to display kids artwork. Thanks to these other bloggers for summing it up so nicely.

Are you ready to jump into the arts and crafts supplies for kids? Scroll down! Oh and don’t forget to visit our easy crafts for kids. Because you’re going to need something to do with all these items 🙂

Craft Supplies for Kids

What are your favorite kids' arts and craft supplies? This is my list of tried and true supplies that children are going to love. They are guaranteed fun for all ages!

These items are my favorite arts and crafts supplies for kids. What are yours? Let me know in the comments!

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