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Pipe Cleaner Crafts Kids Will Go Crazy For (Over 50!)

Learn how to make pipe cleaner crafts – over 50 of them – with these fun and easy ideas! Grab your chenille stems and get started. You’re going to love this collection of animals, flowers, dress up, holiday, decor, and more.

Skills Required: None. A few of these projects have more steps that others, but all of them are easily attainable for any age. There are a wide range of ideas from toddler to teen.


I’ll be honest, I’ve never thought that much about pipe cleaners. I didn’t use them to craft when I was little that I remember, and now that I reflect . . . I’m thinking I missed out.

Do you see ALL of the awesome things you can do with chenille stems? Okay, maybe you don’t see it yet, but you will . . . because I’ve collected over 50 ideas for you. Use them for simple summer crafts to keep kids busy, or any other time they are bored!

Pipe Cleaner Crafts for Kids

Before we get started, I wanted to share a few frequently asked questions with you. If you’re ready to see the projects, just scroll down past this part. Otherwise, here are the common FAQs about these chenille stem projects.

What crafts can you make with pipe cleaners?

Mostly kids crafts, although there are some things here that I would make. You will find dolls, flowers, animals, holiday, back to school, party favors, jewelry, games, and more. It’s shocking, really!

What are craft pipe cleaners called?

You can find them by calling them pipe cleaners, but they are also known as chenille stems.

What can you make with two pipe cleaners?

You can make quite a few pipe cleaner crafts with only two! You’ll see them in this list. In fact, there are some projects that use only one. Genius, I know.

Mother and young daughter crafting and creating with pipe cleaners
This isn’t me – but it could be you.

How do you make easy animals out of pipe cleaners?

Animals are so so fun to make! Did I try a few, absolutely. In this post you’ll find a monkey, flamingoes, alligators, llamas, and more. Once you get started with animals you’ll want to start trying your own creations.

Can craft pipe cleaners be washed?

Kind of. Don’t throw them into the washing machine. You can kind of hand wash them but be careful. Use mild soap and warm water and let dry.

What are the best pipe cleaners?

You can get them at Michaels or WalMart in a pinch, but I like this set from Caydo. The colors are amazing and the price is right.

Are you ready to jump into the pipe cleaner crafts? Check out the list below!

Who knew there were so many things to do with chenille stems? You're going to love these 50+ pipe cleaner crafts - fun for both kids and adults!

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