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Recycled Crafts for Kids to Encourage Reuse

Turn trash into treasure and spark creativity in your little ones with these fun recycled crafts for kids.

recycled crafts your kids will enjoy making

Hey there, fellow crafters and planet savers! Are you ready to dive into the wildly imaginative world of recycled crafts for kids?

It’s time to rummage through your recycling bins and discover the hidden crafting gold that’s been sitting there all along.

Who knew that old soda bottle could be the next Mona Lisa of planters, right?

Crafting with kids is always an adventure, but when you bring recycled materials into the mix, things get even more exciting (and a little bit wacky).

We’re not just sticking googly eyes on a yogurt cup; we’re turning everyday throw-aways into the stuff of legends.

Think soda bottle space rockets, egg carton treasure chests, and cereal box cities – the sky’s the limit!

In this post, I’ve put together some of the coolest, easiest, and let’s face it, most environmentally friendly recycled crafts that your kids will absolutely love. We’re talking about turning that pile of ‘junk’ into a treasure trove of fun.

And the best part? You’re teaching your little ones the art of turning something old into something new, which is pretty much like a real-life magic trick.

So, what’s on the crafting menu? We’ve got planters that used to fizz with soda, stamps that are too corky for their own good, and egg cartons that are about to get a serious artistic makeover.

Each project is a chance for your kiddos to unleash their inner artists and learn a thing or two about saving the planet – all while having a blast.

Ready to get your hands a little dirty and a lot crafty? Let’s show these recycled materials what we’re made of – pure creative genius (and maybe a bit of glitter).

It’s time to turn your recycling bin into the coolest craft supply store ever. Let’s do this!

Recycled Kids Crafts

Here are 30+ fun recycling craft ideas for kids. These projects use egg cartons, bottles & bottle caps, cans, cardboard, paper, toilet paper rolls, and cork!

Egg Carton Crafts

Your best bet for these crafts is paper egg cartons, but the foam kind will work as well.

Bottle Cap Crafts

You can use actual drink caps, but you can also buy these in bulk online.

Can Crafts

Cardboard Crafts

Paper Crafts

Check out these ideas and then head over for some paper crafts adults will enjoy.

TP Roll Crafts

Here are four ideas for fun ideas for you to try! Then check out these paper towel roll crafts.

Cork Crafts

Plastic Crafts

Check out these ideas and then get more recycled bottle ideas.

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