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Recycled Bottle Ideas: Clever Reuse Projects

Instead of recycling plastic and glass bottles, turn them into some cool crafts! You’re going to love these 40+ recycled bottle ideas. Great options for both kids and adults.

Recycled Bottle Ideas

Every week (Sunday night to be specific), I do the same thing – pull the garbage and recycling bin out by the curb. That means waddling out in my pajamas pants before the truck comes Monday morning.

I typically only do the cardboard and plastics every week, while saving the glass to put out every two – three weeks.

And every time I finally haul the glass out, I always think the same thing: “Oh, that’s a cool bottle! Maybe I should keep that.” I mean don’t get me wrong, it happens with the cardboard and plastic too.

But the glass in particular always seems to get me, because of all the cool recycled bottle ideas I’ve seen over the course of time.

There are so many crafts I want to try! And guess what a glass bottle is, besides in the recycling bin? It’s free!!

In the never-ending pursuit of crafting, you might have also found yourself with a lot of bottles in your stash. Whether from wine or water, they can be used for a variety of projects in order to recycle items and save money.

This blog post is going to cover some fun ideas on how to reuse the bottles in your recycle bin (glass, plastic) in unique ways.

With a little creativity and a bit of elbow grease, you can turn your old bottles into something new to you. Here are some clever reuse projects to get the creative juices flowing! There are over 40 ideas, so just scroll down to see them.

Recycled Bottle Ideas

Do you have any old bottles that are collecting dust? Time to bust them out of your craft stash and put them to go use! These projects will show you some great ways to recycle both glass and plastic bottles into useful and unique items.

If you enjoyed these recycled bottle projects, I hope you’ll check out these other ideas:


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