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Recycled Crafts That Don’t Look Like Trash

If you like using what you have on hand to make craft projects, then you’ll love this roundup of twenty Mod Podge recycled crafts. These are great budget ideas that are family friendly!

Mod Podge Recycled Crafts That Don't Look Like Trash

Earth Day is upon us! And you know what that means – time for some awesome recycled crafts. One of the largest categories on this blog is the recycled crafts category – which leads me to believe that all of you love them!

Recycled Crafts

One of my favorite recycled crafts on this blog is the DIY desk organizer I made with cereal boxes and paper towel rolls. Since then I’ve done quite a few additional crafts with materials that others would consider to be garbage! I’m kind of obsessed.

The nice thing is that typically recycled crafts fall into the budget category, and with a little Mod Podge on hand, sometimes they are even free.

Recycled Craft Projects

So dig through your trash/recycling bin and then hit the craft stash to see what you have. Then get to decoupaging. Here are 20 great ideas.

Puzzle Piece Magnets

How to make puzzle piece magnets

It happens to the best of us – we lose puzzle pieces. Don’t throw the rest away, because you can easily turn them into magnets.

See how it was done at Inspiring Creations

Soup Storage

DIY soup storage

Turn an old pop can holder into soup can storage with your favorite scrapbook papers.

Foam Tray

How to recycle a foam tray

There’s nothing easier than decoupaging punched out paper to old foam trays, turning them into useful decor/storage.

Find the step-by-step at Creative Jewish Mom

Pop Can Keychain

DIY diet coke can keychain

Lindsay turned her favorite beverage can into a keychain with Dimensional Magic.

See how it was done at Diary of a Crafty Lady

Recycled Storage

DIY recycled organizer

A Frappuccino box and old container get a facelift with scrapbook paper and Mod Podge.

Learn how to do it yourself at Under the Sycamore

Teabag Clipboard

Recycled tea bag clipboard

If you are a tea lover like me, just save the bags and then decorate a clipboard in this patchwork style.

Learn more about the project here at Mod Podge Rocks

Magazine Dish

Make a bowl from magazine pages

This is one of my favorite recycled projects of all time. Johnnie used old magazines and Mod Podge to create a useful dish.

Learn how to make one here at Mod Podge Rocks

DIY Onesies

Personalized onesies with Fabric Mod Podge

You’ll love these no sew DIY onesies. Courtney turned her old boy’s wardrobe into clothing for her new baby girl with Fabric Mod Podge – so easy

See how they were made here at Mod Podge Rocks

Grocery Bag Holder

DIY plastic bag holder

This solution to storing grocery bags is brilliant – Amanda made it from an old wipe container.

Learn how it was made at Midwestern Moms

Cereal Box Notepads

Cereal boxes turned into notepads

Don’t throw your cereal boxes away! Turn them into covers for brand new notepads.

Find out how to do it at Infarrantly Creative

Mint Tins

Recycled Altoids containers

Turn old Altoid tins into convenient storage with washi tape and Mod Podge.

Get the instructions at Craft Test Dummies

Mid Century Magnets

Mid century modern magnets from bottlecaps

With some old bottle caps, you too can make these mid century clock magnets. Jessica provides the graphics.

Find the instructions at How About Orange

Craft Jars

Recycled crafts are so fun and I love the cost (free)! You'll be decorating glass jars with fabric scraps and embellishments - very easy.

Turn old pickle jars into craft storage with fabric and scrapbook embellishments.

See how it was done here at Mod Podge Rocks

Magazine Art

Mod Podge magazine canvas art

Use old magazines and a circle cutter to make this interesting wall art.

Learn how to do it at Semi-DIY

Pencil Cup

Phone book turned to a pencil cup

I never know what to do with those old phone books – this pencil holder idea is brilliant!

Find the instructions at Chica and Jo

Bandana Purse

DIY bandana purse

I can’t believe this cute little summer purse was created from a cereal box, bandana and Mod Podge.

Get the instructions at Plaid

Chest of Drawers

Recycled matchboxes into a small drawer set

This little chest of drawers is even smaller than you think. It’s made of old matchboxes!

Get the instructions at Plaid

CD Coasters

Recycled coasters from CDs

Use old CDs and your favorite papers to create these unique coasters.

Get the how-to at Crafts By Amanda

Do you end up with a lot of tins leftover from holiday goodies? Mod Podge them with fabric - it's the perfect way to reuse cookie tins. SO easy!

I used Mod Podge and fabric to turn old holiday tins into useful storage.

Get the how-to here at Mod Podge Rocks

DIY Desk Organizer

Use Mod Podge, old cereal boxes, and toilet paper rolls to create a DIY unique desk organizer. This recycled craft is perfect if you're on a budget.

Use old cereal boxes and toilet paper rolls to create a unique DIY desk organizer! This craft organizer is perfect if you’re on a budget.

Learn how she did it here at Mod Podge Rocks

What are your favorite recycled crafts? Let me know in the comments! You can also check out some additional ideas by watching the video in this post.

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Natasha @ Insidenatashashead

Thursday 30th of May 2013

This post is so full of great ideas!! I hope I get to make some of this stuff soon. I found you through Madigan Made, and I'm super glad I did!


Friday 26th of April 2013

Hi Amy, Love your site! Amazing Ideas - They're all simply superb. I'm a crafter too and love to experiment with stuff especially jars, bottles, tins etc. Do check out my blog at Thank you and Once again, Love your work :)


Sunday 21st of April 2013

Love the roundup! There are some really great ideas I'd never thought of before (like CD coasters!)


Friday 19th of April 2013

Thanks lovie for featuring me in your round up. Woo to the hoo!


Friday 19th of April 2013

Amy, I am SO glad I came across your website! I'm a cardmaker/paper crafter and I've been feeling limited in my project repertoire -- but the possibilities seem endless now that I know about Mod Podge! I'm excited to combine my stamping, punches and paper with Mod Podge to create wonderful, handmade things. Thank you!!!