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Mod Podge Canvas Art Ideas for Your Wall

Get inspired with these 20 DIY wall art projects! Ranging from very easy to intermediate, you’ll love this variety of canvas art ideas.

Scroll down to the bottom of the post to get a video of some affordable wall art being made with Mod Podge. Such great inspiration!

Mod Podge DIY canvas art ideas

Are you looking for some great ideas for Mod Podging a canvas? I’ve pulled several together for you. The truth is, I love Mod Podging on canvas and making wall art. It’s a blast, and so easy.

Easy Canvas Art

Sometimes people look at a blank canvas and they just aren’t sure what to do with it. I mean let’s face it – we’re all not Picasso. If you told me to freehand paint something on canvas, you’d probably be disappointed.

That’s why I like DIY wall art with Mod Podge so much.

I promise that all of the ideas included in this post are achievable, and you don’t need artistic talent or training to do them. You can have canvas art to decorate your walls by this afternoon!

Before we jump into the DIY wall art projects, I think it’s important to answer a few questions that I get regularly. Read these before you Mod Podge on canvas.

DIY wall art

DIY Canvas Art FAQs

What are standard art canvas sizes?

I try to encourage people not worry about about canvas sizes for their project. You should get a canvas to fit the space you are eyeing and then size up or down as needed.
Having said that, I really like the 16 x 20 canvas size for wall art. It’s substantial enough; not too small and not too large. If you have no idea what size to start with, try the 16 x 20.

What paints to use on canvas?

I recommend, since you aren’t painting masterpieces, just using an acrylic paint from the craft store for these canvas art projects. My favorite acrylic paint is FolkArt Multisurface as well as Martha Stewart. The color palettes for both of these lines are awesome, and the paints flow really well on canvas. They also cover really well.

What can you use on canvas besides paint?

Just about anything, if you have a bottle of Mod Podge! I’ve used felt, cardboard, scrapbook paper, fabric, jewelry, stamps, Sharpie, coloring pages, and more. Learn what you can use with Mod Podge that won’t bleed.

Do you need to prime canvas for acrylic paint?

Generally speaking, you don’t. Most of the canvas I buy at the craft store is pre-primed, so I don’t have to worry. Even if you buy canvas for DIY wall art and it’s not primed, you’ll be fine just to start painting.
Having said that, you might have to add a few more coats of acrylic paint just because it will soak in. The paint also won’t flow quite as well across the top of the canvas. What you can do if you want to prime your canvas is paint it white, or add a coat of Mod Podge over the canvas. Then you can paint on top with ease.

Should you paint the sides of a canvas?

Yes, I always do, especially with the gallery wrapped canvases. This is because I typically don’t hang canvas items with a frame, so you can see the edges and tell that they are unfinished.
Sometimes I wrap the fabric or paper around the sides too. The only time I would leave an unfinished edge is if I were going to frame.

Mod Podge DIY wall art

DIY Wall Art Tips

In addition to the FAQ above, I have a few tips for you when you’re Mod Podging a canvas. These are a few things you should keep in mind:

  1. Use enough Mod Podge; be liberal. Any that squeezes out the sides, just wipe away.
  2. If you use paper or fabric to cover the canvas, flip over and smooth from the back, inside the frame. Make sure you use a craft mat to cover your table for this reason.
  3. Use any Mod Podge formula you like. Our formula guide will help. Brushstroke Mod Podge is great for when you’re done and you want to add a bit of texture to the canvas.

Now enjoy these Mod Podge canvas projects – just take a peek at the projects below, and click on your favorites to see them!

Learn how to use Mod Podge on canvas by trying one of these unique projects!

value pack canvas

Ready to decoupage on canvas? Grab a canvas here and get started with one of these 20 ideas!

If you want to see a video of some abstract Mod Podge canvases, simply press “PLAY” in the center of the video in this post!

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