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Photo Frame Decoration Ideas Great for Beginners!

These photo frame decoration ideas are perfect for beginners! Make a gift or unique home decor with these 40+ picture frame ideas.

Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate. Some of these techniques are easier than others, but none of them are exceptionally hard. Basic crafting skills are necessary, like using a paintbrush or punches and stenciling.

Photo frame decoration ideas

I’ve taken you on a stroll through the craft store, and we’ve learned how to decorate birdhouses, vases, trays, wood slices, wood blocks, boxes, plates, wood plaques, and more.

Today’s trip is going to be fun because you are going to the unfinished wood crafts section again – it’s time to decorate those cheap wooden picture frames!

When I say “cheap” I mean in numbers only, not quality. There are pretty decent/sturdy picture frames at the craft store for an inexpensive price.

If I’m being honest, my favorite are the $2 – $3 wooden frames (they usually hold 4″ x 6″ photos). These frames are inexpensive of course, but they are also the perfect size for decorating.

Tips for Decorating Frames

I love that for a few bucks, you can create a DIY picture frame of your own. These frame decoration projects provide easy inspiration for a wide variety of techniques

Don’t be afraid to jump in. If you mess up, simply purchase another frame and start again!

Where to Get Frames

You can get frames at Michaels, Jo-Ann, Walmart, Dollar Tree, and a variety of other smaller craft stores.

The large chains have them for $2 typically starting at 4 x 6, and then the prices and sizes go up from there. I know sometimes they have small heart and square frames as well.

The best places to buy bulk frames are and Oriental Trading Company. The most inexpensive frames online are a little bit over $2, and if you have a large project (like summer camp, bible school, or a craft night) it’s more practical to buy them online anyway. Craft stores probably won’t have enough in stock.

Let’s not forget thrift stores and the Goodwill. If you’re looking for a makeover, it’s hit or miss but . . . a lot of times there’s good stuff. So check them regularly especially if you are on a budget!

DIY Picture Frame Supplies

I use a variety of supplies to enhance the frames: scrapbook paper, paint, ribbon, stencils, Mod Podge, tissue paper, napkins, brads, wood shapes, and more.

I don’t use a separate sealer on top – just Mod Podge. And sometimes I use Dimensional Magic to accent certain areas and/or wood pieces for a little interest.

Preparing Your Surface

Many times I don’t do anything to prepare my photo frames for crafting. However my mother (an admitted perfectionist) always likes to sand her frames.

She uses a sanding block on all of her wooden frames to remove any splinters and smooth edges. You can use the frame as-is or basecoat with paint first. It’s up to you!

Paint and Mod Podge to Use

You can use regular craft paint (like FolkArt) as well as spray paint or chalk paint. The only type of paint I would shy away from is latex, at least if you are going to use Mod Podge (they don’t work well together).

You don’t HAVE to paint, but I personally love to paint so I always do.

As far as Mod Podge formulas, you can use regular Matte, Satin, or Gloss depending on the finish you are going for.

You don’t need to use Hard Coat unless the frame is going to be handled frequently (though you could use Hard Coat if that’s what you have on hand).

Of course the Sparkle and Glitter formulas are a nice touch to a frame, especially during the holidays. It’s really up to you.

Are you ready to decoupage onto some wood frames? Grab some great ideas below!

Photo Frame Ideas

Get tons of picture frame ideas using a variety of craft supplies! Learn how to make these cool projects on a budget - plus all of them are great for beginners.

Are you ready to grab some wooden picture frames from the store and then try these photo frame decoration ideas? I’ve provided you with some inspiration – now let me know what you try in the comments!


Wednesday 3rd of November 2021

Helpful. Love it

mike 2

Tuesday 27th of April 2021

For easy farmhouse wood sign diy i recommend buying 1 inch wood board from home depot and staining with any rustic color and cut and glue to size you like super easy and you can print a text photo on your home printer and staple to the back of the frame to make a custom text sign with cardboard to protect the paper from not breaking.

Inlay work

Thursday 3rd of May 2018

I read your blog. Such great tips you shared! All wooden pictures frames look so amazing! I want to try to make these type of wooden frames. Thanks for sharing this tutorial with us keep it up.

Cindy Knight

Thursday 26th of April 2018

Great ideas and so many possibilities! Fun, easy and inexpensive. Mod Podge certainly does rock - thanks for inspiration!

Leigh Jobe

Wednesday 25th of April 2018

I am retiring soon and I am looking forward to making all of these projects. I will have time but little money so these gifts will be a hit without my budget taking a hit. thank you for all you do for us. I know it takes a lot of time and effort.