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Paper Plate Crafts: Amazing Ideas for Every Occasion

You’re going to love these paper plate crafts for kids! Get tons of ideas for animals, fish, dinosaurs, flowers, cool crafts, and more.

Paper Plate Crafts

Have you ever crafted with a paper plate? I’m thinking I didn’t do it enough as a child! We did a lot of easy crafts when I was little, but I have to admit that we didn’t use paper plates that much. Maybe there was a shortage in the 80s?

The internet didn’t exist for the common folk back then, so the ideas weren’t as copious. I’m amazed with the sheer number of genius paper plate crafts available, things that even I (as an adult) would love to make! Can you make a dinosaur with a paper plate? Yes. Can you make a llama with a paper plate? Yes. What about a spider web? YES!

The great thing about these craft ideas is that they are easily achievable by any age. If you have a toddler or an 8-year-old, you’re going to find something here. The projects also use basic kids’ craft supplies, so you’re not going to need anything fancy. You might have a lot of the supplies on hand already.

Keep reading to get the list of paper plate craft ideas; they are broken up by section. We’ve got Basics, Animals, Fish, Dinosaurs, Halloween, and Christmas. For the holiday craft ideas you’ll want to scroll down toward the bottom. Enjoy!

Paper Plate Crafts

Grab those paper plates from the pantry and get crafty! Here are 75 things to make with paper plates including animals, fish, crafts, art, and more.

Paper Plate Animals

Paper Plate Fish

Paper Plate Dinosaurs

Paper Plate Halloween Crafts

Paper Plate Christmas Crafts

Now that you’ve looked at these paper plate crafts, I’d love for you to let me know your favorites in the comments! Which ones do you want to try? I’d also love for you to visit the following posts I think your littles will enjoy: