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Camping Crafts to Rock Your Next Campout!

These camping crafts are perfect for kids of all ages – and even adults! Use these ideas for the best campout both indoors and out.

Skills Required: None. All of these ideas are perfect for beginners, as well as children of any age. I believe adults will have just as good of a time making these as the kids will.

best camping crafts

Something that a lot of people don’t know about me: I have an undergraduate degree in Forestry. If you’re thinking that’s basically a degree in camping with some math thrown in there, you’d be pretty close.

I’m sure you can guess that I love camping – I love the outdoors – there isn’t much I won’t try or do when it comes to being outside. I’m like the Lorax. I love trees (I don’t necessarily speak for them though).

I think my love of all things outdoors started when I was young, and I used to play outside in the woods near our house on a daily basis. I feel like that is where I developed independence and imagination. I spent a lot of time playing by myself.

My family never really camped, but when I got old enough to drive, I started camping on my own and with my friends. I love being in the wilderness, whether it be via car or backpacking. Enough about me though . . .

Camping Crafts

Let’s talk camping crafts! I assembled this list because fall is my favorite time to camp, and I’m thinking there’s a lot of you that feel the same way. Of course, any time is great time to make one of these ideas . . . summer camp works just as well.

Scroll down to get my favorite ideas, and then I’d love to hear which ones you try in the comments. Plus any fun stories about your love of the outdoors!

Kids of all ages will love these camping crafts! Check out the list below and let me know which of these are your favorite - lots of s'mores, tent, campfire, and other themed projects to choose from.

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Jeannie Wallace

Monday 21st of September 2020

These are some seriously cool projects. I'm a city girl married to a country boy, so I'm not full of camping savvy. Thanks to you tho, the next four weekends are gonna make me a star in the eyes of my children. I'll have to eventually fess up to my source, but I want them to be impressed, that I at least looked up how to cool camp. Thank you so much for sharing these awesome things to do while camping. Yuppie the star to me.


Tuesday 29th of September 2020

My pleasure Jeannie! I'm so excited you're going to try them!