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Confetti Ornaments for Christmas in Three Steps

These confetti ornaments pack a visual punch for Christmas decor, and are easy enough that kids and adults alike can make them. Use confetti in any colors that you like!

Skills Required: None. Even if you’ve never Mod Podged before, you can make these. You’ll be applying confetti to glass bulb ornaments with a brush and decoupage medium.

Confetti Ornaments for Christmas in Three Steps

Made with scraps of tissue paper and Mod Podge, these ornies can take tarnished old baubles to something worth celebrating in minutes!

Confetti ornaments are simple, yet completely loveable in their simplicity. They makes everyone happy, maybe because it reminds them of Christmas parties, which reminds them of spiked eggnog?

Either way, you’re going to love making these Mod Podge ornaments. What I love is that they are easy enough for even the most novice crafter.

Remember that confetti comes in all shapes and sizes . . . so use any shape and size you like! If you use any punches with tissue paper to make your own confetti, just remember to punch several sheets together or the punch will jam.

Ready to make your own confetti Christmas ornaments? Here’s how!

Confetti Christmas Ornaments

Gather Supplies

Foam brush, Mod Podge Matte, tissue paper, scissors, and silver Christmas ornaments


Cut your tissue paper into a few rectangles, and then cut those into small strips.

Scissors and tissue paper cut into long rectangular strips

Paint a layer of Mod Podge on one of your ornaments, and then place strips of tissue paper over the Podge, varying your placement and colors at random.

The randomness is a big part of capturing the confetti effect, so you (or a kid you’re crafting with) can get as creative as you want!

Add tissue paper confetti to the ornament base with Mod Podge

Dab another layer of Mod Podge as you go over the tissue paper to seal it in place. I found it easiest to work on one side of each confetti ornament at a time so the ornament didn’t get stuck to my work surface.

If you’ve got a nice holder for drying ornaments (an Easter egg dying caddy might work well for this!), you can do the whole ornament at once.

Applying a layer of Mod Podge over the top of a confetti ornament with a foam brush

Once they’re totally dry, you can finish them with a small ribbon bow at the top of each ornament to add to the festivity level. Cute, right?

Confetti Christmas ornaments made with Mod Podge

My final thought on these confetti ornaments – they would look stunning on a completely white tree. If you’re trying to make a statement, you found your project. Happy Holidays!

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