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Genius Crafting Tips (You’ll Use Again and Again!)

You’ll love this collection of 20 genius crafting tips. These are the craft hacks your grandmother used – very useful for everyday life!

20 amazing home and craft hacks

Crafting tips are one of my favorite things to write about. Because being a lifelong crafter, I’m always looking for shortcuts or inexpensive ways to do common things.

I don’t mind buying tools when they have a regular use and make my life easier, but sometimes I need a solution at the spur of the moment, and there’s no tool around to do the job. That’s typically how these things work, right?

There’s where these crafting tips come in.

Craft Hacks

You might have also heard them referred to as “craft hacks.” Whatever you call them, these craft tips are those little tips and hints you remember your grandmother using way back when. Grandma didn’t always have fancy tools, and neither do you. At least I don’t!

Useful Crafting Tips

These crafting tips cover topics such as storing small items, sharpening scissors, spray painting, and more. Creative people always have a lot of tips and tricks, and I can’t wait to share these with you.

Bookmark this page and then the next time you bust out the craft supplies, reference this article for some great craft tips to make your life easier. Enjoy!

Binder Clip to Yarn Guide

Turn a binder clip into a yarn guide

Use a binder clip on the edge of a glass jar to direct your yarn and keep your ball from going all over the place. Don’t forget to set this up before you start knitting!

Sharpen Scissors with Sandpaper

Crafting Tips: Sharpen Scissors with Sandpaper

Sandpaper will sharpen your scissors easily – just by cutting through it several times. Medium grit works the best for this application.

Pick Up Glitter with a Lint Roller

Pick Up Glitter with a Lint Roller

This is one of those crafting tips you’ll love, because we all know how hard glitter is to pick up! If you have a place with glitter that you can’t easily clean, use a lint roller to get it up.

Cardboard Box Spray Paint Booth

Crafting Tips: Card Board Box Spray Booth

If you live in a small place, you might not have anywhere to spray paint out in the open. If this is the case, use a cardboard box stood up on its long side as a makeshift booth. Great for the winter in your garage too!

Store Glue in a Glass

Crafting Tips: Glue Bottle Storage in a Glass

It takes several minutes for me to get to my glue each time I use it – so I started storing it upside down in a glass and the glue is right there in the bottle when I need it.

Paint Chips from Popsicle Sticks

Crafting Tips: Popsicle Stick Paint Chips

It’s hard to tell what color acrylic paint is by looking at it in bottle – so use popsicle sticks to make paint chips so you can always color match easily. Related: get my 8 tips for how to use acrylic paint!

Cut Duct Tape Easily

Crafting Tips: Baby Wipe Scissor Cleaning

To make it easier to cut duct tape, wipe your scissors with a baby wipe beforehand. This prevents the duct tape from sticking to the blades.

Freezer Prevents Stringy Glue Sticks

Freezer Prevents Stringy Glue Sticks

Want to know what helps glue sticks from stringing as much? Keeping them in the freezer before using! Take them out and put them right into your glue gun.

Store Really Small Items in Ice Cube Trays

Crafting Tips: Ice Tray for Organization

A plastic ice tray is a perfect place for holding teenie tiny items that have no other place to go – you also don’t have to buy multiple storage containers.

Make Sewing Patterns from Newspaper

Crafting Tips: Newspaper Patterns

If you want a cheap way to make your own sewing patterns, look no further than the recycling bin – newspaper is perfect!

Sharpen Punches with Tin Foil

Crafting Tips: Paper Punch and Tin Foil

I love my huge collection of craft punches but it’s hard to keep them sharp. The easy way to do it is to punch aluminum foil. Punch several times and you’ll notice the punch cuts better than ever!

Eliminate Hot Glue Gun Strands with a Hair Dryer

Crafting Tips: Hair Dryer Removing Glue Strands

Another option for getting rid of hot glue strands – use your hair dryer with the project is done. You’ll see them melt away.

Mini Bolt Fabric Storage

Crafting Tips: Cereal Box Cloth Bolts

To make small fabric pieces easier to store, wrap them around cut pieces of a cereal box. You can then sit them up in a drawer and sort through them easily.

Use a Magnet to Pick Up Pins

Crafting Tips: Magnet Picking Up Pins

I’ll never forget when I dropped a ton of pins on the carpet during a late night sewing session. I was so tired and it was difficult to see them! Easily pick them up with a strong magnet.

Paper Towel Ribbon Storage

Crafting Tips: Ribbon Holder

It’s very easy to store ribbon and still access it on a paper towel holder. Simply push the roll down onto the holder and layer them (works best for cardboard rolls).

Protect Your Knitting Needle Tips

Crafting Tips: Knitting Needles and Corks

Protect yourself from an accidental stabbing by putting wine corks at the end of your knitting needles. My brother stepped on my knitting needles one Christmas and had to go to the hospital, so this is one of those crafting tips I use ALL the time!

Paint Brush Storage in a Chip Container

Crafting Tips: Pringles Can Container

Use an old chip container (rinsed out) to store brushes and other long items, such as chenille stems.

Plastic Lid to Paint Palette

Crafting Tips: Plastic Lid Paint Pallet

Use a recycled plastic lid as a makeshift paint palette – any kind of plastic lid will do. You can also rinse it and save it for the next time.

Soften an Old Tape Roll

Soften an Old Tape Roll in the Microwave

Do you have a tape roll that you haven’t used in awhile? If it’s hard to peel the end off, put it in the microwave for about 10 seconds and it will loosen up.

Put Nails in Straight with a Comb

Put Nails in Straight with a Comb

It’s hard to make sure a nail goes in straight sometimes. Use a comb to help guide the nail as you hammer – and then simply slide off when the nail is secure.

Do you have any other craft hacks you can share with me? I’d love to hear them in the comments.

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