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50+ Easy Crafts to Do at Home for Instant Fun

Get 50+ ideas for easy crafts to do at home! These use a lot of household items you probably have in your stash. Great projects for kids and adults – and perfect for beginners.

Crafts to Do at Home

I think everyone knows where they were in March 2020. You know, when we started quarantine?

I worked in an office at the time, and I was sent home that Friday thinking that we’d be back to the office in two weeks. I didn’t grab anything except my laptop!

Now it’s years later and that company I worked for is permanently remote, and the world is forever changed. I work out of my home now, as do a lot of people (some still from quarantine!).

One thing I’ve noticed is that I’m not taking the same amount of car trips I used to.

I still go to the grocery and craft store, etc. but I’m much more intentional about where and when I go. I’m not as quick to take a trip I don’t need to take these days.

Which got me thinking . . . .

this year I want to focus on really utilizing my craft stash – along with household and recycled items – to make things. Not only will I save money, but I’m looking forward to making a little bit of room using what I have.

Are you on the same creative journey? If so, I’ve got a great list of fun crafts to do at home – with the stuff you already have on hand.

Because we all have those craft supplies that have been sitting around, right?

Check out these 50 arts and crafts I think you’re going to love! I tried to put together craft ideas that use (at least mostly) items from your house or that you are likely to have in your stash.

Not only are these things to make at home inexpensive . . . but they are easy as well. None of the crafts on this list are hard, so if you’re a beginner (or even a kid!) you’ll likely be able to tackle them effortlessly.

Take a peek at the projects and let me know what you think in the comments. Which of these are your favorite? Enjoy!

Crafts to Do at Home

Get a list of easy things to make at home! These use simple techniques and supplies you probably have in your pantry or craft stash.

If you enjoyed these easy DIY home projects, let me know in the comments! You’ll also love these other ideas:

Jeanece Odom

Thursday 16th of May 2024

I love these craft ideas


Tuesday 16th of April 2024

At school we are doing a shop recycling business thing and all these crafts were amazing help


Saturday 11th of November 2023

I made diy desk wiser and it really helped my mum with her work and now she’s more tidy


Wednesday 11th of May 2022

Thank you. I have been looking for ideas to do with my grandsons. There are a number of them I think I can get them into.

Posi Ink

Saturday 7th of May 2022

Thank you for this helpful article!