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Fabric Mod Podge: Everything You Need to Know!

Learn all about the Fabric Mod Podge formula! Find out what it is, how to use it, and see some unique projects you can make.

Mod Podge Fabric

Are you ready to decoupage fabric or paper to fabric and have it be permanent? And be able to wash it?! You’ve come to the right place – or formula, I should say.

Meet Fabric Mod Podge! If you’ve never used this decoupage formula before, it’s pretty cool. And let’s start by making it clear exactly what this specific Mod Podge is for:

Applying fabric or paper to fabric.

Yep, that’s it! Well, not “it,” but it’s that simple. Your regular Mod Podges are made for applying items to wood, metal, glass, etc., but this formula is used when fabric is the base.

If the process is followed appropriately, you’ll be able to wash (or hand wash as the case may be) your decoupaged items.

When fabric is applied to fabric, I feel comfortable washing my items in the gentle cycle. When paper or napkins are applied to fabric, I like to hand wash.

Mod Podge on Fabric

My favorite use for Mod Podge Fabric is applying fabric appliqués to other fabric items. For example, applying fabric cutouts to pillows, shirts, etc. However I also enjoy using this formula to prepare fabric for application to furniture.

It’s a very durable formula, so sometimes I’ll use it to coat a piece of fabric before cutting it out for some other decoupage use. It’s a nice fray preventative.

Applying Fabric to Fabric

Here’s my process for applying fabric to fabric:

  1. Pre-wash the fabric to remove sizing.
  2. Cut the design out of your fabric.
  3. Apply Fabric Mod Podge to the back of the fabric design.
  4. Place the fabric face-up on the base fabric where desired, and press firmly but gently to the surface with your fingertips.
  5. Apply a second coat of Fabric Mod Podge with a brush.
  6. Cure for 72 hours.
  7. Wash in cold water by hand or gentle cycle. Dry flat or line dry.

Applying Napkins to Fabric

Here’s my process for applying napkins to fabric:

  1. Pre-wash the fabric to remove sizing.
  2. Cut the design out of the napkin and discard the layers. Place napkin upside down on a piece of parchment or wax paper.
  3. Apply medium to the back of the design.
  4. Place the napkin and wax paper face-up on the fabric where desired, and press firmly but gently to the surface with your fingertips. Remove the paper carefully and press the design firmly again.
  5. Apply a second coat of Fabric Mod Podge with a brush, working into the napkin with a gentle, swirling motion. Clean the brush often when the ink of the napkin bleeds.
  6. Cure for 72 hours.
  7. Wash in cold water by hand. Dry flat or line dry.

FAQs for Fabric Mod Podge

What is the finish of this formula?

It is Glossy. You can see the swatch below (it’s on paper, but illustrates the look).

Mod Podge Fabric swatch

How do I prepare my fabric for using Fabric Mod Podge on it?

You must pre-wash, dry and iron the fabric. DO NOT use fabric softener. If using a t-shirt or a thin fabric, place a piece of wax paper inside directly under where you will be decoupaging your design.

How do I wash my project that’s decorated with Fabric Mod Podge?

The project is machine washable in cold water on the gentle cycle or by hand after 72 hours, and line dry. However, this formula will hold up best on decorative items that don’t have to be washed often.

I washed my fabric project in the washer and when it took it out it looked cloudy, what happened?

When washing your fabric to fabric decoupage project in the washer, your decoupage layer will absorb a little water and create a milky look.

Your project will be a little tender at this point, so be careful when handling. But do not be alarmed – it will fully dry to its original state.

Can I use this formula in place of sewing?

No, not for an entire garment. For an embellishment, yes. But I don’t want you to Mod Podge a shirt together and send me an email when you end up topless in public. Please don’t do that.

This formula is very thick. Can I thin it?

Yes, it’s very thick on purpose. Stir it as best you can and use a soft bristled brush to apply. Thinning it will reduce the properties, so I don’t recommend it.

I already have (Gloss/Matte/some other) Mod Podge. Do I really need this formula?

If you are doing a fabric project that you want to wash, yes. This is made to be washed, unlike the other formulas. The other formulas aren’t going to last like this one will.

Are you ready to start using Fabric Mod Podge? Try one of these projects!

Want to try using the Mod Podge Fabric formula? Here are some project ideas you're going to love!

Leave me your questions in the comments – I’ll answer them as best I can. I’d also love for you to check out these other formula guides:

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Robin Gibson

Thursday 2nd of May 2024

What would I use to put fabric on my wooden TV trays. Thank - You and have a great day


Saturday 4th of May 2024

Hard Coat would work. You're not gluing fabric to fabric which is primarily what Fabric formula is for

Deb McHale

Thursday 4th of April 2024

can i use fabric modge podge as a sealer over a rub on transfer and then wash it.


Friday 5th of April 2024

Hi Deb - I'm not sure how that would work - I'm not sure that it would. It's really meant for gluing fabric to fabric without sewing.

Laurie Cloutier Lee

Monday 5th of February 2024

Can this be used to add glitter to tee shirts (tinkerbell lol).

How would I use it? Brush or sponge dabber?

Leah M Stanton

Sunday 17th of December 2023

Hello Can this used on a Diamond Art pillow cover to seal the diamonds, and it still sparkles?


Monday 18th of December 2023

No, there is a diamond art Mod Podge:


Thursday 28th of September 2023

Hi Amy, I want to use the fabric mod to seal the printed words, so it won't peel off on some grosgrain ribbon I have. Will this work and if not, what do you think would work in the mod podge family? Thanks


Tuesday 3rd of October 2023

Hi Cristal! Mod Podge won't help you for this. You could try a spray sealer. But if the writing isn't meant to be on the ribbon, it's going to be hard to seal. I would do something like this: