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Super Matte Mod Podge: Your Complete Guide!

Learn all about the Super Matte Mod Podge – find out what it is, how to use it, and see some sample projects you can make.

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*Note. This formula was known as Ultra Matte Chalk in the past.

Mod Podge Super Matte

This one is going to be a little bit hard to describe, since the impressive part of this Mod Podge formula is the finish that you can’t see that well through a computer screen – but I’ll try my best.

Flat Finish

You’ve heard of chalk paint I’m sure; it’s very trendy right now. Chalk paint is used to create a “chalky” finish on the surface of an item.

I don’t mean chalkboard – because you can’t write on it – but what chalk paint does have in common with chalkboard is that there is NO gloss to it at all (it’s very flat).

Also you know after you write on a chalkboard and then erase the chalk? There are slight variations in the chalkboard finish . . . it’s not a consistent color. This is what chalk paint does. FolkArt Home Decor Chalk is my paint of choice!

Chalk paint is typically used to create an aged look on a piece of furniture and it’s easy to distress. But what I really LOVE about chalk paint is the smooth feel. Once you put your hands on a chalk painted piece, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

Why Use It

And this is where the Super Matte Mod Podge comes in! In my mind, this formula does two things:

  1. Provides an alternative to a wax on top of a chalk painted piece. You can decoupage paper or fabric onto something with chalk paint and you’ll still get that distressed look that you want.
  2. Provides a smooth, chalky finish on ANY decoupage project. So let’s say you just use basic acrylic paint on a piece and want to get the look of a chalk painted piece – this will do it.

The Super Matte can glue items down just as a regular formula, and then goes right over the top as any other formula. It is NOT tinted – the finish that it gives comes from how matte it is.

It’s a specialty formula so it does cost a little bit more than regular Gloss or Matte; however, as with any Mod Podge formula, a little goes a long way.

Where to Get It

It’s definitely worth the cost if you want that beautiful, smooth finish. It’s available online and at Michaels, Jo-Ann, and Hobby Lobby. You’ll also probably want to check out the guide on where to buy Mod Podge.

I’ll say it one more time because I really mean it. You HAVE to see it in person and feel it to see how awesome it is. Once you do, you’re going to be hooked. I promise! Now that I’ve told you all about it, here are some projects you should try that use it:

DIY mason jar succulents

Use chalk paint and Mod Podge to create these gorgeous DIY mason jar succulent pots for spring. Perfect for a kitchen windowsill or a seasonal mantel!

Butterfly table


Altered spiral owl notebook


Chalky vintage globe

Learn how to customize a vintage globe with your favorite images from children's books - this is such a unique home decor project!

Family home plaque


Egg terrarium


Now – what would you like to make with Super Matte Mod Podge? I’d love to hear in the comments! I’d also love for you to check out these other formula guides:

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Wednesday 6th of July 2016

I think this is wonderful! It can be cost prohibitive to buy many different colors of chalk paint--and a pain to tint chalk paint with other colors--especially when I usually just use the paint on small pieces. My question is, is this formula waterproof/water resistant? Not dishwasher safe, just resistant enough in case the piece gets wet.


Wednesday 6th of July 2016

It's not waterproof, however it will be water resistant enough. I would say you'd want to wipe water away immediately to avoid rings/stains. If you see a foggy spot, it will dry. Don't leave anything wet on the surface. If you plan on doing that, you'll need an extra sealer.

Linda N

Tuesday 28th of June 2016

This is actually a question - I whitewashed an old oak school table and wonder if the chalk Mod Podge would be a good option to seal it. I plan to use the table in my craft room (if that makes a difference). I don't want a high gloss finish & had thought of just buffing on some wax or furniture oil, but the chalk Mod Podge sounds like it would work. Feedback would be appreciated.