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Mod Podge Coaster Craft Ideas You’ll Love!

Looking for a quick Mod Podge gift or home decor project? These decoupage coaster craft ideas are perfect if you are short on time or budget.

Easy Mod Podge Coaster Crafts

Hmmm, you are thinking . . . what should I be decoupaging this weekend? I’m excited to share these coaster craft ideas – because if you are a beginner or just want a quickie (so to speak), Mod Podge coasters are a great option.

Visit each of these friendly craft bloggers for their steps and tutorials – I promise you’ll get instant gratification, as only crafting with Mod Podge and eating chocolate can provide.

I think you’re going to love making Mod Podge coasters, and you’ll find that everyone will be getting a set for handmade gifts this year!

Sealing Your Coasters

PS – I highly recommend using an outdoor, clear, brush-on sealer like Minwax Polycrylic on finished coasters to make them truly waterproof, and to reduce tackiness. Another option that people use is VHT Enamel, which is perfect for putting hot cups on.

After you complete your final layer of decoupage, you’ll let dry, then paint a layer of sealer on the top.

Are you ready to see the ideas Check out the list below!

Mod Podge Coaster Crafts

Handmade coasters are perfect to make for both decor and gifts. Grab one of these unique ideas for making coasters with Mod Podge - they are great for beginners.

Did you enjoy these Mod Podge coaster craft ideas? Let me know in the comments! I’d also love to know if you have any questions in the comments. Then check out these other craft posts:

Exhausted Mommy

Saturday 23rd of February 2013

Thank you for sharing this list of Modge Podge Coasters, I am definitely making some of these for gifts this year!

Linda Lucero

Saturday 15th of December 2012

Oh my goodness...g-kids did some finger painting..gonna try to use them on the tiles ..great idea! thanks

Its So Very Cheri

Sunday 12th of August 2012

Thanks So Much Amy!!



Saturday 3rd of December 2011

I did this on shiny tiles we had left over and I did it once with lace and the other time with vintage superhero coaster and people loved them!


Friday 1st of July 2011

PS Love all the projects here.