Wall art – 20 ways to Mod Podge a canvas

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DIY wall art - 20 ways to Mod Podge a canvasAre you looking for some great ideas for Mod Podging a canvas? I’ve pulled several together for you. The truth is, I love Mod Podging on canvas and making wall art. It’s a blast, and so easy. I just have a few tips: 1) use enough Mod Podge; be liberal and 2) flip over and smooth from the back, inside the frame. Besides that, you are good to go. Now enjoy these Mod Podge canvas projects – just click through the slideshow to pick your favorite idea!


  1. Danielle says

    I love all these ideas! I used small canvases and mod podge to make some great christmas presents this year.

  2. Mandy @ Sugar Bee Crafts says

    great round-up and thanks for the feature!! and now I have a couple of new ideas….

  3. says

    What a great collection of some really cute art. I’m excited to visit them all to see how they did it. Thanks for sharing!

  4. lisastuf says

    What great ideas!
    I am really motivated to try one of these soon!
    Thanks Amy!

  5. Toni K says

    Thanks for featuring my canvas! I love Mod Podge!!! and I love these other great ideas too :)

  6. Hovawart says

    How many layers of modpodge would you use when decoupaging fabric to a flat, textured (in other words, the original finish is not slick) plastic surface? I am thinking: two. Sound about right, or has experience taught you to add more?

    • says

      Hi there Hovawart! That is going to be tricky, because plastic is hard – but I would try at least two layers. You’ll know quickly if it’s going to work or not.

  7. Anonymous says

    I’m having trouble with my photo paper buckling up when I put modge lodge on canvas??? Help!

    • says

      Hi Anonymous! I would make sure that you are putting enough on – you need you use a lot more on canvas than on wood. THEN I would turn the project over and smooth from the inside of the canvas. THEN let dry for 15 – 20 min before applying a top coat!

  8. Cassandra says

    I have a question. I would like to reuse one of those already painted canvas that are always at thrift stores. I would like to Mod Podge a poster print to this already painted canvas. Do you think this would work? I’m afraid of ruining the poster if it doesn’t stick correctly to the painted canvas, or paint peeling off with the Mod Podge.Should I place something like paper with Mod Podge on the painted canvas before applying the poster? Any advice on this is much appreciated =)

    • says

      Hi Cassandra! You shouldn’t have a problem as long as you:
      1) test to make sure the paint isn’t going to chip off easily; if it doesn’t you’ll need to sand it all the way off.
      2) sand lightly anyway and possibly use a primer, especially if it’s oil paint.

      Another consideration is the texture of the painted canvas. Is the paint that was on it dimensional? If it was, you’ll be able to see those lumps unless you send them down.

      And Mod Podging to canvas always requires A LOT of Mod Podge. Put a lot on and then wipe the excess away from the edges as you smooth!

  9. Monica Martin says

    Maybe someone has asked this already… I used mod podge to stick a photo to a canvas (the fabric on frame kind of canvas). I only put mod podge on the canvas (not on the photo) and stuck it down. About 2 days later the photo started to bubble. Should I have put mod podge on the photo too when I put it down on the canvas? Can I still put mod podge on top of the photo and will the bubbles disappear or do you have to put mod podge on the photo while the mod podge on the canvas is still wet??

    • says

      Hi Monica! There are a few things. First of all, you have to use A LOT of Mod Podge on canvas because it soaks in, so yes, you probably should have put it on the photo as well. Also, if it was a “real” photo, it’s probably not going to stick well because there is a coating on photo paper – so a printout on regular paper would have been best (don’t know if you used photo paper or not).

      If it’s not a real photo, you can put Mod Podge over the top and see if the bubbles go away. If not, you’ll have to start over. Good luck!

      PS – you can watch my videos here: youtube.com/modpodgerocks. They might help you.

  10. says

    Hi Amy, I love Mod Podging on canvas too. These ideas are really great, especially the family rules wall art. The possibility is limitless and what you need is creativity to come out with your own ideas!

  11. says

    I’m Happy and Sad at the same time. Happy to see your blog and sad because Mod Podge is not available in India. I wish it was, I could also create something like this :(

  12. says

    Hi Amy! I’m a new follower. I absolutely love your canvases! They are amazing!

    I work with mod podge and find it rocks, just like you said. Thank you for sharing.

  13. Linda Armstrong says

    Thank you for sharing…this makes me feel as if i can do it! I am going to give it a try!

  14. CJ says

    I want to send a photo to Walgreens to be made into a 24 x 26 poster and then Mod Podge this to a canvas. Think this will work?! – and if so, is a 32 fl. oz jar enough? Help…this is my first project with Mod Podge!!

    • says

      Hi CJ! You can definitely do this (and an 8 oz. jar will be enough) but if you’ve never used Mod Podge I encourage you to try another project first. At least do a small test to work with it to make sure you are comfortable getting out wrinkles, etc. I don’t want you to ruin your print. And my first project was a bust!

  15. Adventures in Dressmaking says

    Very fun, I love the doilies and I bet Mod Podge would be great for them! The circles are also soooo fun, may have to try that–wonder if paint store chips would work??

  16. True :) says

    There are some really awesome canvas in this collection!
    Thanks so much for sharing!
    True 😀

  17. Ann says

    What is the best way to mod podge photos onto mdf? I’ve tried it a few times now but keep getting bubbles, which by the way I would LOVE to know how to get rid of??? Some small bubbles, others quite big. I put mp on the board and to the back of photo, but maybe I put too much??? Cause if I try to rub the photo down with fingers or cloth, I get finger prints vs colour rubs off.. Please heeeelp!!! Super thanks!!!

  18. Heather says

    I would like to make a canvas family photo with one of the recent pictures we had done and I am not sure which is the best way to have the photo printed cause I have seen some that some people use ink photos and others use poster which do you think will work better? I have never done this before so it will be my first time and I love the way the gallery wrap looks that are sold online … is this something I could do if I print the picture big enough to go around the whole canvas? Thanks so much for your help and advise :)!

    • Amy says

      Hi Heather! Laserjet is your best way to go if you want to Mod Podge it down (no smearing) and also I wouldn’t go for gallery wrapping unless you are a pretty seasoned Mod Podger. It’s difficult to wrap paper around canvas.

  19. Destiny says

    Hi I need a lil help here with the mod podge. I have a 12 by 12 canvas. How do you put scrapbook paper on the canvas properly without the bubbles?

    • Amy says

      Hi Destiny! I recommend watching my videos at youtube.com/modpodgerocks – you’ll follow the same basic idea for the basics video, but I also recommend flip the canvas over and smoothing from the inside of the canvas as well. You also need to use A LOT of Mod Podge. 😀

      • Destiny says

        Hi thanks so much for the advice! I look forward to seeing more of your crafts , keep up the good work !!


  20. jenward says

    i am a preschool teacher. This yr the kids made gingerbread men ornaments and painted them. Can we use modge podge to apply photos of the kids faces ob tge ornaments? The surfaces of course are not flat or smooth made by 3 yr olds. How would you apply the pics of the faces on? And the pics are on plain printer paper.

  21. jenward says

    i am a preschool teacher. This yr the kids made gingerbread men ornaments and painted them. Can we use modge podge to apply photos of the kids faces on the ornaments? The surfaces of course are not flat or smooth made by 3 yr olds. How would you apply the pics of the faces on? And the pics are on plain printer paper.

  22. Sara says

    Love these! I recently came across some sample wall paper that I want to turn into wall art. Will mod podge work on wall paper too?