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30+ Wooden Heart Crafts to Make with Love

Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day, expressing affection, or simply enjoy crafting, wooden hearts are a great addition to your DIY projects. Here you’ll find over 30 wooden heart crafts to inspire you to use them more often!

wood heart crafts for valentine's day

Wooden hearts come in different shapes and sizes, making them perfect for various projects for Valentine’s Day or any time of year.

They’re beautiful in their natural state or can be painted and decorated to match your style. Their versatility is why I really enjoy using them in crafting.

Where to find wooden hearts

  • Craft stores are one of the best places to get wooden hearts. They can be found in the woodcraft section, but they are also in the seasonal decor aisles. Although they are available online, going into the store makes it easier to determine the sizes you’ll need. Plus, it is just a great excuse to browse around the store!
  • Dollar Tree will have wooden heart decor that you can repurpose along with some unfinished wood hearts for crafting. Again, any excuse to browse the dollar store, right?
  • Amazon and Etsy have a wide selection in their online stores. You can purchase different sizes, styles and quantities and have them delivered right to your door!
  • If you’re handy with tools, you can make your own wooden hearts from scrap wood. This way you get exactly the size you need.

Types of wooden hearts for DIY projects

  • Unfinished hearts are just left natural and are great for painting, staining, and of course, decoupage.
  • Heart cutouts come in different sizes, and may have an intricate design cut into them.
  • Rustic wooden hearts have a natural, weathered look and may be created using reclaimed wood.
  • Heart ornaments are usually smaller, lightweight, and have pre-drilled holes for string or hooks. They are great for your Christmas tree, or for making wooden heart garland.
  • Wooden plaques are larger and sometimes feature a beveled edge. They are great for wall art and other home decor since they have room for adding wording or intricate designs.

The best part about wooden hearts is the freedom they offer in DIY. You can create heartfelt gifts, personalized ornaments, and unique home decor.

Whether you find them in a store, online, or make your own, wooden hearts are perfect for Valentine’s Day, but really work for crafting any time of year.

I’ve collected over 30 wooden heart crafts for you to check out. Scroll down and let’s get inspired to use more wooden hearts in our crafting!

Wooden Heart Crafts

Here you'll find over 30 wooden heart crafts perfect for celebrating Valentine's Day, expressing affection, or simply enjoying crafting!

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