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30+ Unique Doily Crafts You’ll Love to Make

Learn how to make the cutest doily crafts – using both paper and lace doilies! Get project ideas for gifts, decor, fashion, and more. These DIYs are great for beginners.

Doily Crafts you'll love

Want to know something funny? I started sewing when I was 10. I went to sewing camp and it was really then that my serious crafting career began. And I starting knitting at 15. Yep . . . been doing that for 30 years!

Even though I’ve sewn and knitted for that long, I never used doilies (or made one!) until I started crafting with Mod Podge. I put them on canvas and then I made some bowls – and so, the love affair began.

If you’ve never used doilies before because you think they are too girl-y or grandma-y, I think you should reconsider. Doilies make for beautiful decor, or gifts, or even jewelry. There are a lot more options for doily crafts than I ever realized.

Putting this collection together opened my eyes . . . and I’ve done a lot of projects with a doily front and center (both paper and fabric!).

Here are a bunch of crafts with doilies I’d love for you to check out. I made several of them, then I’ve added in some other ideas I think you will definitely want to see.

Where to Buy Doilies

My favorite places to look for fabric doilies are Dollar Tree, the cheap-y bins of various stores (like the Target Dollar Spot), thrift stores, and eBay. Amazon is really good for colorful options.

For paper, I just buy them at the dollar store or Michaels. They are less expensive than the fabric, lace ones. It really depends on the craft whether or not I use paper or fabric.

Mediums to Use

You can use Mod Podge with doilies for sure – the basic formulas will work just fine. Decoupage medium will stiffen them to a certain extent. Craft glue works fine too if you are simply attaching the doily to something and not decoupaging.

However if you would really like to stiffen them (for a bowl, for example), you’ll want to use fabric stiffener. Stiffy is specifically made to harden fabrics just like the yarn and lace used to make doilies. It’s really easy to use, too.

Are you ready to get the ideas? Check out the following posts and let me know which is your favorite in the comments!

Doily Crafts

Learn how to make the cutest doily craft ideas with these tutorials! Get projects with both paper and lace doilies, from fashion to decor to gifts.

If you enjoyed these crafts with doilies, I’d love for you to check out these other ideas:

Gerry Velt

Sunday 10th of March 2024

Some really great ideas here. Love them all! Thanks a bunch.


Tuesday 17th of May 2022

I love all of the ideas.


Wednesday 26th of January 2022

Great ideas there are beautiful doilies ,Thank's


Wednesday 26th of January 2022

So many great ideas here! I used doilies all over my house - love the vintage ones. I used them for a runner one Thanksgiving:


Wednesday 26th of January 2022

These are beautiful.