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Top 10 Mod Podge Projects You’ll Love

What were the top 10 Mod Podge projects of 2017? Find out! Get great ideas for decoupage crafts, including rock crafts and pictures on wood!

What were the top 10 Mod Podge projects of 2017? Find out here. There are some great ideas for decoupage crafts for everyone, including rock crafts and pictures on wood!

In April of this year I’m going to be celebrating 10 years of running this blog. Can you believe it’s been that long?? Some of you decoupage addicts have been on this crazy journey with me from the start, and for that I’m thankful.

I do a recap at the end of every year of the top Mod Podge projects, and today I’m sharing the results for 2017. To make it on the list, the post has to have been written this year – just so you don’t see the same Mod Podge projects over and over!

Top Mod Podge Projects

If you’ve been wanting to try some Mod Podge crafts in the next year, these ideas are a great place to begin. Every loves a photo transfer, and also apparently all of you really love decorating rocks.

Some how-to/instructional articles made it into the top 10 as well! I’ll definitely be writing more of those in the coming year.

What are your favorite Mod Podge projects of 2017 – and what would you like to try in 2018? I’d love to hear your plans in the comments!

Learn how to transfer photos to wood in three simple steps! All you need is your favorite photo and Mod Podge photo transfer medium. It's easy.

How to transfer photos to wood

Do you need rock painting ideas for spreading rocks around your neighborhood or the Kindness Rocks Project? Here's some inspiration with my best tips!

Rock painting ideas

Can you make slime with Mod Podge? Yes you can! This easy Mod Podge slime recipe only has four ingredients - you probably already have them on hand.

Mod Podge slime recipe

Promote random acts of kindness with beautiful painted rocks! Get inspired by these 10 projects. How will you decorate your rocks to be found?

10 painted rock projects

Create a desktop fairy garden with gnomes, woodland animals, and other forest accessories. Customize with glitter and Mod Melts!

How to protect a fairy garden

It's a lot easier to decoupage napkins to surfaces than you think! Learn how to do it with Mod Podge - tips, tricks, and a video included.

Learn how to decoupage napkins

Make some pretty stones for your garden or desktop with a little bit of decoupage. It's easy to Mod Podge on rocks and the results are so pretty!

How to Mod Podge on rocks

Does Mod Podge dry clear? Find out the answer plus learn more about this decoupage medium - with tips and tricks for success!

Does Mod Podge dry clear?

Mod Podge Dimensional Magic vs resin - which one should you pick? Find out the differences and what projects we recommend using each.

Mod Podge Dimensional Magic vs resin

Did you know you can transfer INKJET printed images onto wood? Yes . . . this photo transfer to wood is easy with Mod Podge and regular school glue.

Inkjet photo transfer to wood

Do you want to see the past years’ Mod Podge craft tutorials “top 10” lists? Visit these below:

And if you’re curious, here are the top 10 Mod Podge crafts of all time.

Give those boring shelves a complete makeover - decoupage fabric with Mod Podge Hard Coat - this is an easy and budget friendly project!
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Friday 5th of January 2018

I appreciate the information about Mod Podge and I thank you for your blog. I have a sugggestion though, I think you should start every single article by writing: ModPodge is NOT just white glue and water. That's it. I get annoyed every single time I see a Pinterist tip about how to make cheap Mod Podge. I bet it irks you, too.


Thursday 4th of January 2018

I will congratulate you again in April but I just wanted to say it now. Congrats!!!! 10 years is amazing. You are tireless and your enthusiasm is infectious. Thanks for all the great ideas and hard work!

DIY Home Sweet Home

Thursday 4th of January 2018

I love all these projects!!