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Mod Podge Crafts

If you're here to get some ideas for Mod Podge crafts, you've come to the right place. You've picked a craft supply that is relatively easy to use – you should be up and running in no time (learn to Mod Podge here). Our ideas fall into the following categories:

Decoupage is an ideal craft for absolute beginners!

Five Step Process

There's a five step process you'll go through each time for *most* Mod Podge crafts:

  1. Pick a surface – Mod Podge works on wood, glass, paper, tin, fabric, paper mache, ceramic, and more.
  2. Pick something to decoupage to the surface – you can use a lot here, but paper and fabric are the most common.
  3. Select a Mod Podge formula. Our formula guide is here.
  4. Prepare the surface – whether it be painting, staining, or just plain cleaning.
  5. Decoupage – add your fabric/paper to the surface with Mod Podge, your glue, sealer and finish.

If you're experienced with Mod Podge crafts, you can click one of the categories at the top of this article. All of the crafts are down below.

However if you're a newbie, I recommend checking out these 20 easy Mod Podge craft ideas for beginners. This post will get you started on your crafting journey! Enjoy.

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