Top 10 Mod Podge crafts of 2012

Top 10 Mod Podge Crafts of 2012This year there were a lot of posts, my friends. The blog world, myself included, did a ton of decoupage crafts this year! What I think is really sweet about the top ten Mod Podge projects for 2012 is that two of them were for Mother’s Day. Awww, that’s so nice!

I picked these Mod Podge projects by the top ten page views for posts that were published this year. I was so excited to see projects by some of my favorites including the Man Podgers and my contributor Shannon from Madigan Made. If you haven’t tried any of these Mod Podge crafts yet, please give them a try. I guarantee you’ll have a great time. Let me know if you have any questions, and here they are!

DIY-Mothers-Day-vase-from-PVC-pipeMother’s Day photo vases from PVC pipes

mod-podge-sunglasses-glitter-paper001Customized sunglasses – two ways

An-easy-way-to-make-subway-artDIY City Subway Art

Mod Podge and Paint8 Tips For Using Acrylic Craft Paint

make a cell phone holder from a lotion bottleMake a Cell Phone Holder From a Lotion Bottle

DIY-onesies-made-with-Mod-PodgeTurn Boys Onesies Into a Girl’s Wardrobe

Mod+Podge+instagram+mini+canvasesMake a mini Mod Podge Instagram canvas

How-to-make-a-clipboard1Make a clipboard with Mod Podge

mothers day craft for kidsMothers Day Craft For Kids: Handprint Canvases

decorating+jars+five+ways+mason+jar+decor1Decorate Mason Jars Five Ways

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