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Farmhouse Christmas Door Decor

Learn how to make this Christmas door decor using buffalo plaid Duck Tape! This farmhouse style NOEL door hanging is super cute and simple to make.

Skills Required: Intermediate Beginner. It helps to have worked with Duck Tape a little to do this project, especially when you have to tape two pieces together. My suggestion is, if you haven’t worked with Duck Tape before, just take it slow and easy.

DIY Christmas door decor

With the obsession over buffalo plaid this year, I just couldn’t help myself – I had to get in on the action! As I started to raid my craft stash to see what buffalo plaid I had on hand, I found two things: bandanas and Duck Tape.

Christmas Door Decor

I’m so in love with the buffalo plaid Duck Tape, so I had to use it! That’s how this Christmas door decor came about. With a little bit of brainstorming, we came up with this farmhouse inspired NOEL sign. It’s not only great for door decor but could be used as Christmas wall decor as well. What do you think? Let’s dive into the details of the project!

Options for Frames

The frames don’t need to be any particular size, but you are looking for frames around 4″ x 6. I bought my frames from Michaels on sale at about $3 a piece.

I’ve seen frames like this at Dollar Tree, and I think that’s a good option too. You’ll likely have to spray paint those frames with plastic spray paint as a lot of them are black or gold plastic.

Of course a third option is to head to the thrift store. Your frames don’t necessarily have to match – you could do something really cool by mixing four different sized frames. Maybe I’ll try that next time!

DIY NOEL holiday door decor

Making a Duck Tape Bow

For this project, you’re going to be making a Duck Tape bow that will be going at the top of your project. It’s not load bearing, so you don’t have to worry about hanging anything from it.

The basic idea behind the bow is that you’re going to make a loop of Duck Tape (a two-sided piece) and pinch it down in the middle to secure. Then you’ll add the ends of the bow on separately.

It’s not *really* a bow.

So no worrying about tying any Duck Tape. I’ve done a lot of projects with Duck Tape over the course of time and if I tried to tie a bow with it, it would be a hot mess!

Using E-6000

For this Christmas decoration, you’re going to use E-6000 or another similar glue. You’ll use it to glue the letters to the glass.

You’ll also use it to glue the Duck Tape together in some areas. Generally I don’t advise gluing Duck Tape, but the areas where we use the glue are for the bow and aren’t load bearing. 99.9% percent of the time I only attach Duck Tape with more Duck Tape.

Are you ready to make this farmhouse style Christmas decor? Keep reading!

DIY Christmas Door Decor

Gather These Supplies

  • Four white frames with a 3 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ opening
  • 2 1/2″ white wood letters spelling “NOEL”
  • Duck Tape – 1 roll each red, white, and buffalo plaid
  • Scissors
  • Craft mat and X-Acto
  • Pliers (to remove the back of the frame parts)
  • E-6000
  • Floral wire for hanging
  • Mod Podge Sparkle (optional)
  • Sandpaper (optional)
four white frames and NOEL letters

Remove the glass from the four frames and set aside. You’ll need the four letters as well.

Distress the white frame and white letter

If you’d like a little distressing on your frame or letters, use 80-grit sandpaper to remove the white in some areas. It just adds to the farmhouse feel of our Christmas door decor!

Optional at this time: use Mod Podge Sparkle to add a bit of bling to the frames and letters. Let dry.

Remove the frame stand from the backer

If there are stands on the backs of your frames, use pliers to remove them. You won’t need them and their removal will keep the frames flat on the door. Set the frames, letters, and backs of the frames aside.

It’s time to start using the Duck Tape for your Christmas door decor! First you’re going to make the bow.

Cut two pieces of red Duck Tape

Place two pieces of Duck Tape down on your craft mat – one that is 15″ long and one that is 14″ long.

Bending two pieces of red Duck Tape stuck together

Place one piece on top of the other, matching one of the ends. This means you’ll have a 1″ overlap on one end. You’re going to need that for the next step.

Form a circle with your Duck Tape

Turn the bow into a loop, using that 1″ overlap to secure it.

Pinch the Duck Tape Bow

Pinch the loop down in the middle, then pinch it on the sides. Do you see the bow is starting to form?

Cut 1 inch by 5 inch piece of Duck Tape

Place a piece of Duck Tape that is 5″ long on your craft mat. Cut down the middle so that you’ll have two pieces.

Use the 1 inch piece to wrap the bow

Wrap these two pieces around the center of the larger loop to officially complete the bow – for now.

Cover the backer with plaid Duck tape

Grab the four backs of the frames and cover them with buffalo plaid Duck Tape. You’ll need to overlap the tape a bit to match the pattern correctly. Trim all around the ends so that they are clean.

Stick the plaid backer in the frame

Insert all four sheets of glass and backers with the buffalo plaid Duck Tape back into the frames.

Glue the wood letter to the Duck Tape

Use E-6000 to glue the letters “NOEL” to the glass on the fronts of the frames. Let dry.

Tape the Duck Tape pieces together

Cut two pieces of Duck Tape 7″ long. Place them sticky side together, forming one piece.

Cut a V shape into the Duck Tape piece

Cut a “V” shape into the end of the piece. Make another one of the pieces and do the same thing.

Glue the pieces of Duck Tape together

Glue these two pieces together with E-6000.

Glue the bow onto the base

Cut the top off of the bow, then glue the main bow onto the two end pieces. The visual above shows you what to do. Let the bow dry.

The next step is the hanging strip for your sign.

Place a 40″ piece of red Duck Tape on your table, sticky side up. Be careful. It’s easy to get something stuck in the tape and you’re . . . stuck! (Bad joke, I know).

Lay out your Duck Tape and tape

Cut small strips of Duck Tape and place it down on the 40″ strip. You’re going to do that so it’s harder to mess up.

I don’t have the ball bearings to try to tape a 40″ piece of Duck Tape to another 40″ piece. I think I’d cause myself great stress . . . so it worked way better to do it with smaller pieces, one at a time.

48" length of Duck Tape

You’ll have a finished piece that looks like this.

Cut a V shape in the bottom of the main strip

Cut a “V” into the end of your 40″ piece as shown above.

Choose your placement

Choose the placement of the frames for your Christmas door decor. Lay them down where you want them and then flip them face down (with the red strip on the back).

Duck Tape the long strip to the frame

Use Duck Tape to tape the 40″ piece down to the frame. Technically you can use any color Duck Tape because no one is going to see it.

Glue the bow down

Glue the bow to the top of the 40″ piece.

Form a wire loop

Use a piece of floral wire to create a hanger for your Christmas door decor. Just cut a length, and make a loop by twist the end as shown.

Place a wire hanger on the back and Duck Tape

Add the hanger with yet another piece of Duck Tape, as shown. Your DIY Christmas door decor is ready to hang!

Christmas door decorating ideas

What do you think of this Christmas craft? It looks so great on a wood door in my humble opinion. Are you ready to try this farmhouse holiday decor?? I’d love to hear in comments! I’d also love for you to check out the following projects:


Tuesday 8th of November 2022

Love your Farmhouse Noel door sign. Great idea. Did you glue the letters to the outside of the glass? Wouldn’t it work just as well gluing letters onto checked tape? Guess perhaps it wouldn’t look as good tho since there might be a glare.


Saturday 26th of November 2022

It was hard for me to find a glue for the tape. Everything just popped off! The glass allowed me to attach the letters. I'm wondering if adhesive Velcro strips would work . . .


Sunday 23rd of December 2018

I love this. It would look great on a door or inside. Change the colors and you have a great way to do a BABY’s name banner for their room or a last name of a family for a living area or kitchen perhaps. Thanks for continuing to come up with such great simple crafts!