Holiday shadowbox ornament with mini action

Make a shadowbox Christmas ornamentI’m back for another round of the Sizzix Triple Play Blog Hop, and I’m so excited about this project. I wasn’t quite sure what to do with the 3-D cube by Karen Burniston at first, but I eagerly accepted the challenge. I knew there was something wonderful that could be done with it. Sometimes the obvious escapes me, and it was designer (and my friend) Holli who suggested that I do a little holiday shadowbox ornament. Thanks Holli, I owe you one.

Gather These Supplies

IMG_3081Assemble the cube according to the instructions. Karen Burniston, who designed the die, is very kind and made a video that you can find here. I left the back of the cube open.

IMG_3082Completely coat the outside of the cube with Mod Podge Silver Shimmer. I put on about three coats so that it would be very shimmer-y. I’m all about bling these days. What’s come over me?

IMG_3111Take the lid off of the paper mache box – you won’t need it for this project (but save it for another). The inside of the box is going to hold everything, so paint it with a winter scene. I used both FolkArt colors to make my sky and snow. Allow to dry.

IMG_3115Use the end of your paintbrush to make dots for falling snow. Allow to dry.

IMG_3117Choose which side of the cube is going to be the front. If you use Karen’s die it includes a pre-cut hole, so that needs to be on the top. Use your craft knife to cut out a window in the front. Cut carefully and slowly; use scissors to trim up if necessary.

IMG_3118Time to go glue crazy, which is the best kind of crazy to be! Insert the box into the back of the ornament and glue to the front. Glue the snow into your scene, and then use the silver ribbon to outline the “window.” You’ll see I used a toothpick to apply the glue because I needed such a thin strip.

After you are done gluing, make sure that you have inserted some silver ribbon through the hole in the top of the cube so that it will hang like an ornament. Glue to secure. You are done working inside the cube, so you can now glue the back flaps closed. Don’t you feel like you just completed major surgery?

IMG_3116Here’s my cute little ornament tray (along with a paint mess and my camera lens cover). I chose a few characters and a tree and snipped off the hangers.

IMG_3119Glue your miniatures into the shadowbox. I used a toothpick again. Suddenly I love gluing with toothpicks.

IMG_3187To finish your shadowbox, add either brads or buttons to the corners with craft glue. You don’t need a toothpick this time, but you are welcome to use one if you would like.

Make a shadowbox Christmas ornamentThanks for swinging by and seeing my shadowbox. I had a blast. Visit me next Thursday for more Sizzix fun.


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  1. Karen B says

    Unbelievable! This is amazing, Amy! I would LOVE to hang this on my tree. Thanks to Holli for giving you an idea that you could expand into this work of art. Brilliant!

  2. Donna says

    This is super cute! I love the concept and it would be so fun to create one. Thanks for sharing this!

  3. says

    I adore this one Amy…! I am so gonna have to try this!

    As for my project… I actually did not READ which die I was supposed to use and ended up using the wrong one.

    Do I get a prize for that brilliant move????

  4. Becolorful says

    Cute and unusual. You don’t see a lot of this look right now. Current but retro at the same time. Sweet.
    Thanks for visiting me at beColorful and leaving such a kind comment.

  5. Cindy Rippe says

    Very cute! This looks like a fun project to do with family. There are lots of little ornaments in that tray. Now… I need to check out Mod Podge Silver Shimmer…

  6. Gloria Westerman says

    How cute is that……I love it….it would also be a great project for kids…thank you so much for sharing…..

  7. Brenda Pinnick says

    Amy, This is just brilliant! Holly’s suggestion and your exectution- AMAZINGLY CUTE!!!!


  8. Laura Bray says

    So cute! I love the idea of using those miniature ornaments as props for mini-scenes like this. It’s a great use for them.

  9. Alicia says

    I did a snowman post today and wanted to let you know I featured this project. Thank you for sharing. =)

  10. Penny says

    It’s going to be my daughter’s 2nd christmas (this one she might be able to remember) and we will have fun putting up decorations. Baby’s first DIY ornament. Thanks Amy.

  11. lina says



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