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Pot Decoration: 50+ Pretty and Unique Ideas

If you love crafting with clay pots and making them pretty, you’re going to love these 50+ ideas for pot decoration. Perfect for beginners!

Pot Decoration

Do you love flowers? Do you enjoy having pretty things in your home? Maybe you’re looking for a unique way to decorate an outdoor space. All of these are great reasons to try pot decoration. And I’m going to show you how to do it with some great ideas.

Pot decoration is the act of adding different materials (fabric, paint, clay, vinyl) to the outside of pots, urns, planters, and other terra cotta or ceramic containers in order to create something beautiful out of them. It’s really easy, even with the tapered shape that most pots provide.

Decorating Plant Pots

We have a guide for clay pot painting, but these projects go beyond simply painting. There are a variety of types of supplies and methods used, so you’re going to get a ton of great ideas.

Before You Begin

Before you start any pot decoration, you’ll need to prepare your pots. Clay pots found in craft stores, garden shops, and DIY home improvement stores are unglazed and porous. This means they are not waterproof. You’re going to seal the pots.

Unglazed or unsealed terra cotta will draw moisture from the plant and soil keeping the pot moist. Extra moisture may affect the external decoration allowing paint to blister if not properly sealed.

Sealing the Pots

The first step in preparing new clay flower pots is to wipe away dust or dirt. The second step is to carefully seal both the inside and outside. Not only will this help your decorated design on the outside of the pot resist blistering, it will also help the interior to keep moisture in the soil. There are two different sealing techniques:

1. Spray seal the entire pot inside and out with a couple coats of Clay Pot Sealer. Allow each application to dry before applying the next layer.

2. The second method I recommend is to apply FolkArt Outdoor Sealer over the entire surface. For extra protection, apply a second coat on the interior walls of your pot to help create a waterproof barrier to protect your exterior decoration.

If pot decorating sounds like something that interests you, then take a look at the list below for some ideas on what you can do with your pots! There are some great ideas – let me know which one is your favorite in the comments.

Pot Decoration

Learn how to decorate clay plant pots a variety of different ways! Learn how to make them pretty with over 50 ideas.

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