You’ve asked me about Dimensional Magic

What is Dimensional Magic? This acrylic epoxy-like product is great for making jewelry, gifts and more. Learn more about it in this post!

Photo by Rook No. 17

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about Mod Podge Dimensional Magic, so I thought I would take a blog entry to give you all of the information. Even if you don’t think you need to know about Dimensional Magic, I promise you, you do. It’s just plain wonderful. Like everything Mod Podge.

What is Dimensional Magic? First of all, it’s a waterbased product, which means it’s non-toxic. Secondly, it creates an epoxy-like finish on a project surface. You can see it in the picture above – it’s glassy and three-dimensional, and it adds interest to the surface of your project. Think Envirotex on a much smaller, less-toxic scale. It goes on cloudy but dries completely clear. To see the actual product, go here.

What projects can I use it on? Anything really, but it works very well on jewelry, accessories and cards. Your best bet is to use it to accent small areas. It looks very sharp on bracelets, rings, brooches, belt buckles, necklaces, etc. I also like it on handmade cards. I’m a big fan of Mod Podging stuff down and then using Dimensional Magic on top of my decoupaged surface.

Where can I buy it? This is probably the question I’ve been asked most often. You can get it online at Amazon, and it’s also sold at most craft stores including Jo-Ann, Hobby Lobby, A.C. Moore and Michaels.

I hope this helps. Complete instructions for usage are on the back of the package, and I’m telling you that it’s just about as easy as Mod Podging. I’m off to Dimensional Magic a fake eyeball! Or something. . .

Now that you know what it is, do you want some project ideas for Dimensional Magic? Take a peek:


  1. Robin (rsislandcrafts) says

    I was wondering if the Dimensional Magic would work on Scrabble tile projects. I have a hard time finding the diamond glaze and this looks like you get the same effect.

  2. The Answer Is Chocolate says

    Thanks! I’ve been stalking my local JoAnn’s and Michaels but haven’t seen it yet. I ordered another “jeweler grade” resin to try based on input from someone I met at a art fair but I love MP products so I’m really anxious to play w/ this!

  3. Sasha "sweet thang" Holloway says

    Thanks for links to where to find it. They do not have it here in the UK and I thought I was going to have to wait til I went back home to the US to buy this ..

    I am going to try this on my projects currently I have been using Glossy Accents ..

  4. ellie g says

    Thank you Amy! I’ve had those very same questions. It’s like you have ESP. I’ll check my JoAnns…and then if it’s not there, I’ll go the online route! You rule!

  5. --T.M.St.P says

    adding this to the list of things the DH needs to get me :)

    -paper cutter
    -‘sure cuts a lot’
    -clear contact paper
    -more mod podge
    -fabric (any kind, I’m easy to please)
    -anything my poor lil crafting heart desires, right? lol

  6. Rossyl says

    what a co-wink-a-dinky i bought some this week – didnt know what i was going to use it on but had to have it. cant wait to try it out.


  7. Toodie says

    Wow, I am livin in the boonies. Thanks for keeping me updated of what goes on out there. I love this product already!

  8. janine says

    Bought this online about a month ago and forgot I had it!!!!! I’ll give it a try this weekend with a couple of Christmas projects I have lined up (yes, already!).

  9. BlueRockGourds says

    Awesome product!! Works for bottlecaps, scrabble and no glare or bubbles! Wendy

  10. AdlenJane says

    I work for Hobby Lobby and we have it,but its not with the other Modge Podge and glues so I think thats where everyone is looking for it at.It hangs over with the Lisa Pavelka stuff on the clay aisle,where the sculpey,kato clays are.Hope that helps someone…

  11. Anonymous says

    What am I doing wrong every time I use this product I get small tiny bubbles all over my project? I followed the instructions on the bottle and still no luck. :( HELP!!

  12. Wendy says

    Made some pendents with this. I printed pictures from my ink jet mod podged them into the pendents (using matte mod podge). Then used dimesional magic to fill in (two coats to get the bubbled effect). Went on cloudy, but dried crystal clear. But about 1 week later clouded up again, looks kind of milky now. Any ideas what went wrong? Maybe the ink from my printer? Any help would be appeciated! Thanks!

  13. says

    Hey everyone!

    Anonymous – if you have that many little bubbles in your project, I would buy a new bottle. It may have been shaken too much, either on the shelf or in transit. That many bubbles is not normal, and tells me that someone shook the bottle at some point. Time for an exchange!

    Wendy – I definitely think it’s the inkjet printer. All inkjet prints need to be sealed with a clear acrylic sealer before decoupaging or any kind. If you did that, then it would have to be a weather thing (hot, humidity). Hope this helps!

  14. Anonymous says

    Hi there, just wondering if you know about using DM on polymer buttons for knitted garments- would I be able to throw it in the washer and dryer without making a mess? Thank you.

  15. says

    Hi! Unfortunately you can’t wash DM – it’s waterbased so it will dissolve. You could use it on removable button covers, but that’s it. Thanks for checking!

  16. jdreier says

    YAY! I FINALLY FOUND IT! I have been searching for the DM since I first read about it, but could not find it anywhere. I even CALLED my local Hobby Lobbies and they claimed not to have it. Then when I was there today I checked by the clay since that is where I had read people found it. Guess what? There it was! Totally made my day! However, so much for housework, laundry, dinner…. :)

  17. Sherriel says

    I made a dome ring for the first time and 5 days later, it will still dent with my fingernail. The dent will revert and fill back in a few minutes later. I thought this was supposed to dry resin/plastic/glass hard. It’s a deep bezel, did I need to apply in several thinner layer? I filled all the way, then it sunk, and I had to fill two more times and finally got the dome. Am I doing something wrong or is this stuff supposed to dry a little pliable? I’m afraid to wear it because if it bumps something, it’ll probably be ruined.

  18. says

    Hi Sherriel! DM dries VERY solid, so the fact that you can dent it doesn’t sound right. It does sink, and yes you can reapply, but it should dry glass hard and you should not be able to dent it. I don’t think you are doing anything wrong – I would exchange what you have.

  19. Kelsee says

    Thank you so much for this post! I have been wanting to use DM for some Christmas presents on some pendents. I am really excited about it, just didn’t really know if it was worth it or if I had to use the scary toxic stuff. Lol Toxic+Toddlers= DANGER! Thank you!

  20. Jenni says

    I used this to create a pendant w/ a photo. The photo used was cut from a Kodak print, then Mod Podged onto the pendant. I let it dry then added the DM. It dried clear, but now it looks like the picture has been “crackled”. Maybe I didn’t let the Mod Podge dry long enough? Could it be that I used a photo print? Thanks so much!

  21. says

    Hey Jenni!

    Unfortunately the cracking happens sometimes in certain temperatures. For more successful results next time, dry the DM in a *warm* oven. Turn to 350, cool WAY down til it’s just warm (not hot at all or it will crack) – then place the item on a cookie sheet. That should help. Don’t ever dry near a cold window.

  22. Misty says

    I haven’t looked in store but Hobby Lobby has it available online. I’m going to look in store tomorrow because I’ve been wanting to try this with soda bottle caps. Going to make necklaces for my daughter and nieces!

  23. Mancia says

    I’m having issues with cloudiness (re: Wendy, August 25, 2010). I’m not using a printer, I’m using paint. When the project is initially finished it looks excellent, but clouds up. And these results aren’t consistent. Some pieces remain clear and others don’t. Any ideas?

  24. says

    Hi Mancia! Please send me an e-mail, modpodgerocks at gmail dot com – I would love to help! Please send pictures (even cell phone ones) if you can.

  25. Jenn says

    I agree with Sherriel, I’ve tried using MPDM to coat some pendants I want to sell and it definately does dent with a fingernail – I can’t sell a product in that condition. Also, what can I use to spread it around a bit so it doesn’t clump in one spot?

  26. says

    Hi Jenn, how long did you allow the Dimensional Magic to dry before trying to dent it? In humid temps it takes longer. If you waited days, I would call Plaid ( I have tons of DM pendants that I’ve made and none of them can be dented with a fingernail. Hmmm! As far as what you can use to spread the DM, a toothpick works great!

  27. Anonymous says

  28. says

    I made a dozen bottle cap magnets with seed beads and buttons. I filled them with DM (not in layers, just all at once) and they dried hard and clear, but now they are all cloudy. Bummed! My basement does get a bit cold at night. Could it be change in temperature? Or just too much DM? I was totally hooked until the cloudiness happened. I can provide photos.

  29. says

    I am glad it works for you. For my project it got all blueish and cloudy after just a few days. Really annoying stuff and ruined some of my items that were meant for sale. Will not use it again.

    • says

      Hi Arihoma! Did you Mod Podge before you added the DM? Or glue? Not letting another glue dry enough before adding DM can make it cloud. The Mod Podge should dry at least 48 hours before putting the DM on top.

  30. Beth says

    I have made at least 4 pieces; only 1 looks clear & pretty. The others, several days after it’s hardened, has a hazy look to it, like it’s no longer clear, & the stuff isn’t as pretty. Like it’s started to have the milky look it has at 1st when it is still wet.

    • says

      Hi Beth! Did you Mod Podge before you added the DM? Or glue? Not letting another glue dry enough before adding DM can make it cloud. The Mod Podge should dry at least 48 hours before putting the DM on top.

  31. Beth says

    Oh Ok, I have not been letting the glue dry long enough. I use acrylic paint in some of my pieces, I guess that is doing the same thing. Thank you so much for the tip. I’ve only been wainting a few hours or 1 night. Thanks for the response, much appreciated.

  32. richelle says

    I wonder if anyone has actually tried to capitalize on the cracking/cloudy aspects to get a really interesting finish? I’ve been using it purposely trying to make it look old and weird and gotten some nice effects but I’d love to hear any tips.

  33. says

    I have some Connemara marble pendants that I’ve Mod Podged shamrocks to (the shamrocks were pressed in a book for 8 years, so they are definitely dried). After waiting 24-36 hours, I applied DM and then waited another 24-36 hours to apply another coat because the first one didn’t ‘dome up’. They were fine for a few days, but now are clouding up. What can I do to reverse this? I collected the shamrocks from Ireland 8 years ago and can’t get anymore. Is there hope? Can I heat them? Please help!

    • says

      Hi Catherine! I’m not sure that 24 – 36 hours may have been enough. It really depends on the climate. I would honestly try 48 hours. :(

      I’m not sure that you can save them at this point. There’s no reverse, to my knowledge.

  34. says

    Thanks, Amy. I soaked the cloudiest one of them in hot soapy water and the DM came off, but I have 3 others that look ok-ish, as the cloudiness is under the shamrocks. They are ready for another layer to dome them up, but now that I see what a little water can do, I’d prefer to use a different resin that is waterproof. Do you know if I can put the next layer on with Ice Resin over the DM? I’m wondering if they are compatible.

    • says

      Hi Catherine! I’m not sure about Ice Resin. I’d give it a test on another surface. I had no idea you could soak DM to get it off. Good tip ;D

  35. katiekgb says

    So…i read the question regarding using dm on photos and you didn’t seem to say no you shouldnt…my project is about 3″x3″. Larger than a pendant but i definitely dont have even 24 hrs… the pkg says 3-4 hrs i thought….so is it worth using at all without 48 hrs? Can i use a blow dryer? Thanks!!

    • says

      Hi Katie! You can use it on photos, but if they are inkjet printed you’ll need to seal them first. And as far as drying time, because of the various climates people are in I always recommend letting things dry longer than the package says. If you are in a dry climate 3 – 4 hours might be enough! You can use a blow dryer but you have to be pretty far back!

  36. Anonymous says

    So this question probably has been answered a dozen times already but I want to absolutely sure that I understand the steps and the materials i need. I use an inkjet printer and glossy photo paper for my one inch bottle cap images for bottle cap jewelry. What would i need to use on them before applying dimensional magic to them? What types of options for a sealer are available that are non toxic? I can’t take the fumes of acrylic coating so I want to avoid if possible. Any suggestions? Also if I choose to use the epoxy stickers on them, would I still have to seal them first??

    • says

      Hi there! You’d need to seal both sides of the paper with a spray acrylic sealer, then MP both sides, THEN Dimensional Magic. I personally find it easier to just get laser printouts made for DM’ing, because then you can avoid all those steps.

      I’m not sure I understand the epoxy stickers question!

      Thank you!

      • A says

        What do you mean by “MP both sides” ?

        I’m using Mod Podge to varnish polymer clay charms, I want to use it to fill tiny glass bottles.

  37. Anonymous says

    I made some bottle caps recently and want advice on the technique and materials i used for them to see if i can improve in any areas etc. First I took some cardstock in one inch circles, my bottle caps, and some super glue. (i have tried so many different glues but super glue has so far worked the best, any other suggestions?) Once the glued sets and dries, I took a sticker or added an embellishment to the cap. i couldn’t use the epoxy on it because of the raised 3D look i was trying to create, so I used the dimensional magic. When it completely dried, there were some crevices and craters that were not covered with dimensional magic. Any help would be appreciated. Is it possible to save the piece with an additional layer of dimensional magic?

    • says

      Hi there! It’s hard to visualize this, but it sounds like you didn’t use enough DImensional Magic. Yes, you can layer Dimensional Magic, so I’d try again! Good luck!

  38. Pamela says

    Does DM go bad? I opened a bottle last year for a project and never used it again. It’s tinted yellow and I don’t remember if that is normal. I used it and it’s still a little yellow (not too much, I’m probably the only one that would notice)
    Also how long before I can apply another layer and how long before it complete cures?

    • Amy says

      Hi Pamela! It does go bad after a few years or sooner if not sealed properly. A little yellowness is fine as long as you are okay with it. You can apply another layer as soon as it dries clear (6-8 hours) and it completely cures in 48 hours (or so, depending on the climate). Good luck!

  39. Gina says

    Can I use DM on a recycled gift card jewelry project? Will it stick to the gift card plastic? I may be using a pendant blank. Any suggestions?

    • Amy says

      Hi Gina – I’m not quite sure – I think it would work, but you should test it! It depends on how “plastic-y” the gift card is 😀

  40. Caryberry says

    I have a question, I just did my first Mod Podge project on some photo’s. I liked them so much I thought I would decorate a bathroom with them. But them I wondered if the steam from the shower would ruin the whole project. Does anyone have any tips for this? Do you think the DM would help with that?

    • Amy says

      Hi there! I would use a brush on outdoor sealer over the photos to make them bathroom steam proof. Mod Podge is strong, but if your bathroom gets pretty steamy, you’ll need that sealer.

  41. Tammy says

    Can you mix glitter into the DM…I found a project sheet at HL and the pendent was made with Ice Resin and I would rather use something else because toxic fumes and pet birds don’t mix.

  42. Shana says

    So happy I found this! Okay so I have been using DM for .. pretty much everything! I just recently had my first complaint.. I was wondering if you could help me. I use DM for jewelry and it was completely fine, came out clear etc. etc. and then a week or so later, my customer said it began to crack on the surface to a point where she could feel it and see the cracks… what happened?! :[

  43. Joanna says


    I got this product recently and I like it very much, but I have a question, i also use it as glue, so I put a tiny drop to glue a gemstone but it looks a bit opaque, maybe it got some of mod podge DM over the crystal, is there a way to clean that up? and does MPDM replaces resin?


    • says

      Hi Joanna – you can try to lightly scrape the crystal to see if you can remove it – I have done that before with success. As far as “replacing” resin, it’s not exactly the same because they are made of different things, but for the most part, yes you can replace resin with it. Thanks!

  44. Amy says

    Is it a problem getting jewelry wet that uses DM since it is water based? I’m nervous about it because I know you can soak it in warm water to start over.
    Also any tips on preventing air bubbles?

    • says

      Hi there! You can get it wet as long as it’s not submerged for too long – for instance, you could get caught in the rain and be fine (just dry it off). As far as air bubbles, I turn the bottle over and *LIGHTLY* tap the bottle against a table. Don’t ever shake it. Besides that, I pick the bubbles out with a pin or my finger. Good luck!

      • Patricia Galloway says

        I was concerned also about getting my DM projects wet and thinking they would fall apart. My first attempt at using it I had way too many air bubbles. I had to soak and redo. I have not had a problem since. What I do now is squeeze a little out first each time before applying to my project. So far, so good. I don’t want to talk too soon. lol.
        I also tell any potential customers not to shower or swim in their resin jewelry.

  45. Raquel Lopez says

    Can I use modge podge dimensional magic as an alternative for resin? I made a small bowl out of polymer clay and I want to fill it with dimensional magic. Will it dry cleat and solid?

    • says

      Hi Raquel! Yes you can – depending on how deep the bowl is, you’ll want to layer it so that it dries completely clear. Just do short layers and let them dry – they will all dry clear and solid on top of each other. Also don’t put it under a fan and let it dry in a warm area . . . otherwise it will crack. Thank you!