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Mod Podge Photo Transfer Crafts You’ll Love

One of the most loved ways to decoupage is to do a Mod Podge photo transfer – here are 30 ideas to get you inspired, from fashion to home decor!

Skills Required: Advanced Beginner. A photo transfer to wood takes some knowledge of how to apply mediums as well as a little bit of practice.

Scroll down to the bottom of the post to get a bonus video! Cathie and Steve show you how to use the clear and standard photo medium as well as give you tips and tricks.

30 Mod Podge Photo Transfer Crafts You'll Love

I waited far too long to do a Mod Podge photo transfer. Because they are, in my humble opinion, one of the coolest Mod Podge crafts ever! When I set out to find some cool Mod Podge photo transfer crafts, I didn’t know what I would find.

I only wanted to round up 20 . . . and as you can see, there were so many great ideas that I had to pull even more together. You aren’t going to believe what you can do with Mod Podge when it comes to transferring images! Check out these great craft ideas.

PS – A lot of these use Mod Podge Photo Transfer Medium. If you’re looking for an easy way to do a transfer, this is your ticket. If you are going to attempt a photo transfer with the medium, you definitely need to check out my top five tips for using Mod Podge photo transfer medium. These are my most important tips and tricks that I can’t live without.

Mod Podge Photo Transfer Crafts

1. Glass Plate

Mod Podge photo transfer to the back of a glass plate

Spice up your next party with cool images transferred to the back of clear glass plates. You can do any words, logos, or images!

2. Polaroid Shirt

Transfer a Polaroid image to the back of a shirt

Make designer inspired fashion by adding your favorite Polaroid to the back of a shirt.

3. Photo Wall Art

How to Make Large Scale Photo Transfer Wall Art

Fill that empty space on a wall with dramatic art made using a photo transfer.

4. Photo Transfer to Shoes

Mod Podge photo transfer to shoes

A plain pair of shoes gets a new lease on life by transferring a floral fabric print to the toes.

5. DIY Jewelry Holder

DIY jewelry holder with a photo transfer

Turn a canvas from the craft store into a cool jewelry holder with an image transfer and cup hooks.

6. DIY Wood Valance

How to make a DIY wood valance

This designer inspired DIY wood valance uses wood planks and a cool airplane graphic – but you can transfer any image or photo to your valance.

7. Photo Transfer to Glass

Mod Podge photo transfer to glass

Are you wondering how to transfer photos to glass? You’re going to use the decal method I outline in this post. It takes some practice but the results are cool (and the clings are reusable!).

8. Clay Pendants

DIY clay necklace using a photo transfer

Use photo transfer and Dimensional Magic to make cool chevron patterned necklaces. The process is really easy and fun.

9. Inkjet Photo Transfer to Wood

Did you know you can transfer INKJET printed images onto wood? Yes . . . this photo transfer to wood is easy with Mod Podge and regular school glue.

Mod Podge photo transfer medium uses laserjet images, but in this tutorial you can use regular inkjet images along with Mod Podge to make a transparent transfer.

10. Upcycle a Table

Try an upcycled furniture project with this piece from the Goodwill - this table was made over with paint, Mod Podge photo transfer and a vintage graphic!

Revamp an old end table or plant stand by painting it and then adding a vintage graphic to the top. This project is so easy!

Mod Podge Photo Transfer Medium

If you want to do a Mod Podge photo transfer, don’t forget the photo transfer medium! This product is different than regular Mod Podge. Get it here . . . then keep scrolling for more projects!

11. Photo Transfer to Fabric

Use transfer medium to do a Mod Podge photo transfer to fabric. This vintage pillow project is so easy and the results are pretty!

Take a plain pillow and personalize it with the graphic of your choice. This was made for a nursery – I love the vintage dress theme!

12. Scrapbook Paper Image Transfer

Decorate a bag with your favorite scrapbook paper AND make it washable using this image transfer technique! It's easy with Mod Podge Photo Transfer Medium.

If there is a pretty piece of scrapbook paper you like and you want to adhere it to fabric, you can! Learn how to do it with this tutorial.

13. Faux Vintage Wood Hangers

Faux Vintage Wood Hangers

Decorate wood hangers with vintage style typography and graphics – and Katie’s infamous photo transfer technique using Mod Podge.

14. Children’s Puzzle

how to make a puzzle with a photo transfer

You can use images and wood to make a double sided puzzle that your children will love. Wouldn’t this make a cute gift idea?

15. Graphic Coasters

Graphic photo transfer coasters with Mod Podge

Choose your favorite graphic images or printables and transfer them to the fronts of coasters using this easy method.

16. Photo Folios

How to Make a Photo Folio Gift

You can make these photo books to give as gifts or put on display. This would be so fun to do with vintage photos, black and white, and more.

17. Christmas Napkins

Mod Podge Photo Transfer Christmas Napkins

Add a vintage touch to your holiday table with these easy Christmas napkins. A fun twist is color copying an image out of a children’s book to make them.

18. Image Transfer Photo Block

Use your Instagram images to create this easy wood photo block! You'll use Mod Podge photo transfer medium to make it happen.

Get your Instagrams off your phone and transfer them to all sides of a wood square block that you can put on display.

19. Mini Me Doll

How to make a photo transfer doll

Who doesn’t want to see their face on a doll? Make this out of a picture of a child or pet.

Find out how it was made at See Vanessa Craft

20. Paint Stick Photo Frame

Paint Stick Photo Frame

Don’t throw those stir sticks away after a paint project – use them to frame an image transfer.

21. Image Transfer to Wood

Image Transfer to a Wood Block

Pick your favorite family image and transfer it onto a wood plaque with Mod Podge.

22. Baby Onesie

Decorate a baby onesie with a photo transfer

Plain baby onesies are fine – but they aren’t nearly as fun as ones with graphics photo transferred to the front. Wouldn’t this make an awesome gift for a baby shower? You have so many options for personalization!

23. Table Runner

DIY Halloween table runner with photo transfer

Any table runner can be made that much better with the addition of vintage graphics. This particular runner is awesome because it’s Halloween themed – my favorite!

24. Photo Decor Embroidery Hoop

Photo Decor Embroidery Hoop

Use fabric, an image and an embroidery hoop to make a personalized piece of wall art. This would look so fun doing versions for each family member!

25. Dish Towel Gifts

DIY Dish Towel Gifts - Great for Neighbors

Transfer your favorite scrapbook patterns to dish towels for the perfect hostess gifts! These are so cute for the holidays.

26. Mixed Media

Mod Podge mixed media with a photo transfer

Nitsa will show you how to layer interesting backgrounds with photo transfers on top for awesome wall art. This technique would be beautiful for journal pages as well.

27. Photo Transfer Favor Bags

Photo Transfer Favor Bags

I absolutely love these favor bags that I made for Christmas! You can get the free printable I used at the post above – or you can design something of your very own. Perfect for parties.

28. Gift Tags


I love the look of a Mod Podge photo transfer on raw wood, like these personalized gift tags. Once they are off of the gift, turn them into ornaments!

29. Vintage Wood Table Numbers

DIY vintage wood table numbers for wedding

Label your tables at a wedding or party with these cute little wood slices with the numbers transferred on top. Wouldn’t these be amazing for a wedding?

30. Transfer to a Plaque

DIY photo transfer to a wood plaque

Any image can be transferred to wood and put on display with Mod Podge photo transfer medium. Get your plaque at the craft store – it’s really easy to do.

Are you ready for your bonus video? Get the skinny on using both the clear photo transfer medium and the standard photo transfer medium – with tips and tricks from Cathie and Steve!

Have you ever tried photo transfer crafts? I’d love to know – just leave a comment!

Crystal~Fine Art Mom

Sunday 9th of March 2014

I've just discovered Mod Podge and I'm in love. Planning a future project using the photo transfer medium - can't wait!!


Sunday 16th of February 2014

i attempted my first photo transfer project and have done it wrong already. I modpodged the wrong side of the photo..put it on the glass piece i selected and realized after it was the wrong side. can this be salvaged?


Sunday 16th of February 2014

Hi lirije! Can you try to soak the glass and get it off? You'll need a new photo to repeat the process . . . but I'm hoping that soaking the glass will get it off.


Tuesday 24th of September 2013

Love the ideas! Especially the one with the little table, gotta do this sometime myself... just created a canvas with modge podge, acryllic paint, silhouttes and old book pages ... check out my blog!


Thursday 11th of April 2013

Hi! I've tried transferring my photos w/Mod Podge w/success. I have, however, learned you need to use a low weight paper. You're putting yourself through too much work if you use heavy paper.

Tenielle S

Thursday 11th of April 2013

Thank you for all the great ideas! I am excited to try some out for gifts!