Top 10 Mod Podge craft tutorials of 2013

Top 10 Mod Podge craft tutorials of 2013The other day I shared the top Mod Podge craft ideas from 2013 – aka, the projects featured on this site in 2013 that you Mod Podge lovers really enjoyed. I decided to do a separate post and share the ten most popular tutorials from this site for this year! It started from curiosity, and then I wanted everyone to see the top picks. The Podgey audience has spoken, my friends – here are the top ten Mod Podge craft tutorials of 2013. If you’ve never Mod Podged before, a lot of these projects are very simple. Give decoupage a try and I promise you’ll like it. Happy new year!


Gift Jars

Deck out any mason jars with fabric and Mod Podge, making them perfect for gift giving.

See it here at Mod Podge Rocks


  1. J mORRAL says

    I am trying to make the upcycled desk organizer but am having trouble. What did you to hold everything together, was it a glue gun or mod podge? If you have any other information that would be helpful please send it.