Top 10 Mod Podge craft tutorials of 2013

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Top 10 Mod Podge craft tutorials of 2013The other day I shared the top Mod Podge craft ideas from 2013 – aka, the projects featured on this site in 2013 that you Mod Podge lovers really enjoyed. I decided to do a separate post and share the ten most popular tutorials from this site for this year! It started from curiosity, and then I wanted everyone to see the top picks. The Podgey audience has spoken, my friends – here are the top ten Mod Podge craft tutorials of 2013. If you’ve never Mod Podged before, a lot of these projects are very simple. Give decoupage a try and I promise you’ll like it. Happy new year!


  1. J mORRAL says

    I am trying to make the upcycled desk organizer but am having trouble. What did you to hold everything together, was it a glue gun or mod podge? If you have any other information that would be helpful please send it.